Brazilian Native Tribal Chief Endorses Donald Trump and Jesus Christ

Brazilian Native Tribal Chief Endorses Donald Trump and Jesus Christ

Brazilian Native Tribal Chief Endorses Donald Trump and Jesus Christ

By Addison Basurto

In an exclusive interview with The National File, the chief of the indigenous Brazilian tribe called the Xavante endorsed former President Donald Trump and declared his faith in Jesus Christ.

Tserere, the chief of the indigenous Brazilian Xavante tribe, revealed to The National File in an exclusive interview his enthusiastic support for former U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, and his faith in Jesus Christ as a Christian Evangelical pastor.

I want to say that Brazilians here, indigenous people, and all non-indigenous people too, love you very much, especially me. I like you very much.

I pray to God, [and] for God to bless Donald Trump.

I hope that God will give him another opportunity to be the President of the United States for the American people.

When you are elected by your American brothers there in the United States, you will take good care of your people.

We wish [and] I wish all the best in your life, and may God be the guide who can direct in everything that the Lord will govern your people there in your country. Here speaking is a pastor and servant of God, a indigenous native, an Evangelical, and a missionary pastor who has faith in Jesus Christ.

I believe that when a man is chosen by God, not by men, as it happened here in Brazil. By God, so that man prospers, and so that man wins at everything. So you can have all of that in your life. So I just want to say I love you In Jesus Christ. All of us are brothers in Jesus Christ, God bless you.

This is Pastor Tserere Xavante speaking.”

-Tserere, Evangelical Christian Pastor and Head Chief of the Brazilian Xavante Tribe.

The Xavante tribe voted in the 2022 Brazilian Presidential Election, and also have been present at the demonstrations based in Brasilia, Brasil, which are currently on their 38th consecutive day of demonstration against technocratic censorship and which called for a military audit of the election.

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