Bill Barr Issues Urgent Warning to Trump: This is a ‘Bad Idea’

Bill Barr Issues Urgent Warning to Trump: This is a ‘Bad Idea’

Bill Barr Issues Urgent Warning to Trump: This is a ‘Bad Idea’

By Fox News

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to weigh in on the Manhattan District Attorney Office’s controversial decision to indict former President Trump.

Here’s what others had to say:

James Craig Henderson
Barr is the last person Trump or anyone needs to hear from.

Duaine Murtoff Project Dragonfly
He takes pride in “not pursuing Trumps enemies”. Hey Bill you didn’t pursue justice , that was your job! It’s not and wasn’t about Trump, your time in office was about defending us!

Viliami Kama
If Bill Barr did his job when he was AG America won’t be the mess they are now.

Sheila Murrey
When are OTHERS going to be held accountable??? You know, people who actually committed crimes?!?

Judges are not immune to corruption and THAT is a huge problem!!!

Nancy McNutt
Witch hunt. What is this now, the fourth or fifth time they have tried to shut him down? Man they hate accountability and love their swamp.

Joe Hopkins
if they put a gag order on President Trump on Tuesday, then ALL of us need to speak for him everyday until they lift the order and let him speak for himself!!!!!

Angela White
Barr changes his mind faster than Linda Blair’s head spun around in The Exorcist!

Jon Oz
Bill Barr is not an ignorant man and he knows full well, as I’m sure most of America does, that this DOJ is not and will not be neutral. Especially when it comes to President Trump!

Erik Wade
Bill Barr always uses phrases like “appears to be”. Unlike Jordan and Gaetz, he never seems to fully engage and commit. Like Mitch McConnell, I can never really tell what Bill Barr believes and I don’t trust him.

Steven Brennick
We need prosecutors who will go after democratic leaders in the most unfair ways. The democratic party is a threat to the American way.

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