A Single, Brave District Attorney or State Attorney General Could Put an End to All of This

A Single, Brave District Attorney or State Attorney General Could Put an End to All of This

A Single, Brave District Attorney or State Attorney General Could Put an End to All of This

By Steve Kirsch

I talked to Bobby Kennedy yesterday. Turns out there is a way to end the madness with the help of a single brave district attorney or attorney general. The only flaw in the plan: finding one.

Executive Summary

Here’s the plan and the beauty is that it doesn’t even require a court proceeding to shut this down. Just one brave district attorney or attorney general.

If you find one who you have confirmed is interested in exploring this, please fill out this form.

We’ll find out very soon if there is a single DA or AG or Sheriff in the country who wants to be a hero and be on the right side of history.

If not, this country has just set a new low.

Here’s the plan

The PREP Act doesn’t insulate actors from criminal liability if the people giving the vaccine “know” or “should have known” that the vaccines are killing/harming people.

The key is this. The PREP Act basically provides liability protection up to the point that it becomes obvious to the person or organization giving the shot that they are killing or harming people. Once you cross that line, you become criminally liable.

So if the CDC says the vaccines are safe, and everyone you give it to dies, and you keep giving it anyway, you are criminally liable. Then your fate is up to the jury.

The PREP Act was never intended as a license to kill.

In addition, there is something known as “jury nullification” where a jury can invalidate an unjust law. This is typically used to exonerate someone, but it can also be used in the reverse direction to convict someone as noted in the Wikipedia article: “It may also happen that a jury convicts a defendant even if no law was broken.”

All it takes is a single phone call from the DA or AG to the pharmacy chain

So once a pharmacy chain in their area/state is put on notice by a district attorney or attorney general or their local Sheriff that the vaccines are killing people and that if they persist in giving the shots and someone is seriously injured or dies, they could be criminally prosecuted, what do you think most pharmacy chains will do?

Consider the following:

An individual found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence faces a custodial sentence of up to 12 years.

It’s not like they are being forced to give the shots. So they have a choice. They can continue to give the shots and risk criminal prosecution or simply decide to let someone else take the risk. What do you think they will do?

Similarly, a nursing home could argue that it has to give the shots since that is the “standard of care” and if they didn’t offer the shots, they would be negligent. This is tougher to get a conviction on, but it’s not an ironclad defense. For example, one nursing home gave the shot to 9 residents and 6 of them died within a week. Can they simply look the other way? Nobody I talked to thinks so.

As for the evidence that the vaccines are causing harm and death, we have plenty of people that will testify under oath with direct testimony and sworn affidavits that this is the case, thanks to your help in responding to my surveys. With cases like Marsha Gee, it will be hard for people to ignore the cause-and-effect here. You simply cannot go from “perfectly healthy” to experiencing 78 very unusual symptoms shortly after being vaccinated if the vaccines are perfectly safe.

As for the argument that all vaccines have some small rate of side effects, there is objective proof in the VAERS system that this is simply not the case and that proof can also be confirmed though direct observation. And it’s unlikely that there is even a single anecdote like Marsha Gee.

How you can help

Reach out to your local DA or state attorney general or Sheriff.

If you find someone receptive to learning more, please fill out the interest form.

People have suggested

  1. Nebraska AG
  2. Arizona AG Mark Brnovich
  3. Texas AG Ken Paxton
  4. Missouri AG Eric Schmitt
  5. Idaho AG Raúl Labrador
  6. Florida AG Florida. Ashley Moody

If you know any of them and can get some interest, please fill out the interest form.

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