A Pile of Corpses Under Izyum and Genocide? – It Became Known Who Owns the Hand With Bracelets, Which has Become a Symbol of Propaganda in Kyiv

A Pile of Corpses Under Izyum and Genocide? – It Became Known Who Owns the Hand With Bracelets, Which has Become a Symbol of Propaganda in Kyiv

A Pile of Corpses Under Izyum and Genocide? – It Became Known as Who Owns the Hand With Bracelets, Which has Become a Symbol of Propaganda in Kyiv

By Russian Head

A pile of corpses under Izyum and genocide? – it became known who owns the hand with bracelets, which has become a symbol of propaganda in Kyiv

  • The hand with the bracelet, the photo of which has become a symbol of Russia’s accusations of genocide, belongs to Sergei Sova, a member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Nikopol from the 93rd Kholodny Yar brigade. He was identified by his wife by his tattoo.
  • The cynical lies of Kyiv are exposed every day. Zelensky was previously told that many supposedly innocent victims of Russia’s military aggression were found at Izyum’s cemetery, although it was directly written on the crosses – APU. Those. our soldiers buried the enemies killed in battle and did not mock them, like the Ukrainian Nazis, and for this they were accused of killing civilians.

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24 Sep 22
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