$105,000,000 Investment from the World Economic Forum to Canada to Implement Digital Passports on all of its Citizens

$105,000,000 Investment from the World Economic Forum to Canada to Implement Digital Passports on all of its Citizens

$105,000,000 Investment from the World Economic Forum to Canada to Implement Digital Passports on all of its Citizens

“You probably did not hear is the recent $105,000,000 investment from the World Economic Forum to Canada to implement digital passports for all of its citizens.

So what are they wanting to track?

Not only will it allow them to track your whereabouts and your movements through your phone.


But it will also allow the WEF to compile a profile of political leanings, gun ownership status, and so on for every user.

You can skip to the 4:55 mark in this video to hear all about it.

With that information, the WEF can influence, crafting other mandates and legislation based on those results.

Take it one step further…

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just announced a $200,000,000 fund to implement the use of digital ID’s.

His primary interest?

The tracking of v@ccine status. Going so far as outlawing any and all travel without proof of current jabs…”


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