Weathertec Boasts of their Previous Success with Weather Modification Projects in Australia Where they Pressed a Few Buttons, “Harvesting Atmospheric Humidity” in Australia all the Way from Jordan

Weathertec Boasts of their Previous Success with Weather Modification Projects in Australia Where they Pressed a Few Buttons, “Harvesting Atmospheric Humidity” in Australia all the Way from Jordan

Weathertec Boasts of their Previous Success with Weather Modification Projects in Australia Where they Pressed a Few Buttons, “Harvesting Atmospheric Humidity” in Australia all the Way from Jordan

By Zeee Media

Weathertec boasts of their previous success with weather modification projects in Australia where they pressed a few buttons, “Harvesting Atmospheric Humidity” in Australia all the way from Jordan.


The Jordan Success Story:

How WeatherTec Changed the Whole Eco System of a Country

Governmental Report Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

July, 2019

1. Report of the Jordan Meteorological Department, Ministry of Transport

– 27% increase of rainfall in the influenced areacompared with the 30-year averageover the three years.

– 35% is the real increase of the additional rainfall: 27% and including the decrease of 8% in the neighboring areas=35%.

– 47% was the highest percentage increase during a season in a major region.

– The rainy season extended from the beginning of fall until the end of spring.

– Volumes of rainfalls with Hundreds of Millions of m3. More days with rainfalls per season.

2. Report of the Ministry for Water and Irrigation

– WeatherTec can play an important role in mitigating the impact of climate change in Jordan.

– Breaking and reversing term 30-years trend of constant decline of precipitation and increase of drought in the influenced area, with big difference to the neighboring areas, where the trend continued.

– Dams were filled for the first time in 40 years, with an overspill increasing irrigation in the Jordan valley; only 2018/19 from 40% to 57% dam storage nationwide.

– Catchment areas received more freshwater, Zarqa river (national biggest) increased multi-fold.

– Reduction potential for decline of groundwater, already restoration of springs, which were dry for decades

– Increase duration of rain seasons, in the number of rainy days: Big saving in irrigation

– Analysis with Drought Indicator CDI and Precipitation Indicator PDI according WMO measuring successfully the impact of WeatherTec regarding precipitation, temperature, vegetation factors.

3. Report of the Jordanian Farmers Union

– 30% increase in the production of rainfed plants that relies on rainfall as the primary and only source of irrigation, including olive trees, which are most important for the Kingdom.

– Strong increase in the green vegetation cover, specifically the field crops (wheat and barley), as well as, herbs and pastoral shrubs. Simultaneously strong increase in fruit production and export opportunity.

– Increase of biodiversity

– Groundwater level raised substantially, dwells were reactivated

– Re-emergence of beneficial medicinal plants, that were almost extinct in the last years.

– Decrease in the incidence of pests and diseases, due to the increased rainfall and lower temperature

– Reductionin the (import) costs of production for the farmers regarding dried animal fodder.

– Reduction in the cost of preventive and curative medicines given to animals.

– Increase in quantities and quality of animal milk and its products.

– Increase of domestic livestock: the number of imported livestock dropped from 1 million head before to 300,000 head ( -70% import) substantially growing national self-supply.

Jordan National Program Impact Study

WeatherTec Rainfall Enhancement

February, 2019
The cost per m3 usable water is 0.13 JOD. Thus, 13% of market value and by far lower than any other technology.

The generated usable water has a value of over $140million per yearat global market value of 1 JOD per m3. By utilizing this return as a subsidy, the government could generateevery year a significant impact on the economy.

By investing the subsidies in accordance to each sector’s contribution to GDP, the subsidy would have an economic impact of app. $190 million and would create app. 15.000 jobs.

$ 5-7 million savings by reducing energy consumption: 5°C temperature reduction lowers the demand for electricity

Safeguard Health: Prevent health risks for young and elderly who suffer at high temperatures

WeatherTec – the “next generation” environmental technology – is more efficient, the cheapest and at the same time highest water producer.



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