Twitter Made a Huge Mistake. I Was Right About Prion Diseases. They Were Wrong. Surprised?

Twitter Made a Huge Mistake. I Was Right About Prion Diseases. They Were Wrong. Surprised?

Twitter Made a Huge Mistake. I Was Right About Prion Diseases. They Were Wrong. Surprised?

By Steve Kirsch

Twitter banned me for life for saying the COVID vaccines cause Prion diseases. I was right. They were wrong. This should be a stopping condition for the vaccine, but they will ignore it.

Twitter banned me for life the first time for trying to warn people that the vaccines cause prion diseases.

I was mysteriously re-incarnated, probably so they could ban me a second time.

Twitter banned me for life a second time after I warned people that cancers can come back with a vengeance after the COVID vaccines.

I am guilty of telling the truth. I’m not going to write lies. So I get banned.

The latest news about prion diseases is devastating

First of all, Professor Byram Bridle was the first person, back in May 26, 2021 to speculate about the COVID vaccines causing prion diseases in a CCCA zoom call when he talked about the Pfizer biodistribution data he got from the Japanese government. Others thought the same thing.

We saw very troubling evidence he was right in VAERS; I wrote about that in my Nov 26 article PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases.

Now we have even more devastating proof that we were all correct.

Check out this article (use google translate to read in English).

Here’s what it says in a nutshell:

  1. Many variants of COVID can cause prion diseases. Omicron cannot however.
  2. Both mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) can too
  3. Not only is this verified using a laboratory technique (prion-like amino acid composition (PLAAC) analysis), but it was also observed in France.
  4. Prion disease is incurable; it always results in death. Average time to death for these cases is 143 days.
  5. There were 50 cases in France. But there were just 54 million people with at least one shot, and they probably didn’t find every single case, so that’s an incidence rate of 1 per million. That would be normal if the cases were spread out evenly over the entire year. But they were not. Not at all.
  6. They looked at 26 of those cases.
  7. On average, less than 12 days elapse between COVID-19 gene therapy and the onset of the first symptoms, which are subsequently diagnosed as Creutzfeld-Jakob. That is the smoking gun. This is impossible to have happened by chance. Chance doesn’t work that way: it spreads out the cases evenly over a year. Look at the height of the blue bars in the (terrible) figure below…. all the blue bars are really short. That’s causality right there. It doesn’t get any more clear than that.
  8. After two and a half months, the first sick people die “suddenly”. After less than 5 months, 20 of the 26 patients died (the last 6 aren’t dead yet, but follow the trend line).

The bottom line is this. Because prion diseases are deadly, an incidence rate of 1 per million exceeds the stopping condition of a safe vaccine according to Paul Offit who sits on the FDA committee.

So the vaccines should be stopped. Now.

What will “they” do about it?

  1. Continue to mandate it, of course.
  2. Give it to kids. They’ll even try to mandate it for kids.
  3. They will not restore my Twitter account either now that they were shown to be wrong. It’s a lifetime ban, even if they were wrong. Twitter (and other social media companies) function as the enforcement arm of government censorship and apparently Twitter employees are perfectly fine with that. They don’t care that they are killing people by censoring people like me. They just do whatever the government says.

In other news…

  1. I’m interviewing Andrew Wakefield at 9am PST on Thursday June 9. You can watch live and call in too. Here are the instructions. He’s a hero for speaking out. We’ll hear how they attacked him. Here are the questions I’ll ask.
  2. Great new podcast-style interview of me by David Gornoski. Let me know what you think.
  3. I’m speaking LIVE this Saturday in Menlo Park and San Jose
    1. I will be appearing in Menlo Park Saturday morning June 11 at the Menlo Forum. The program starts at 9:30 AM.   I will be presenting from 10:00 AM to noon. Seating is limited, but available for now by emailing your request with name to The Forum will respond with confirmation, location, and the schedule. It’s free, but a small donation is requested.
    2. I will also be presenting on that same night at 6:30pm at Calvary Chapel in San Jose. Details here.
  4. I was just informed that the Aspen Institute, where I am a Crown Fellow, has a Commission on Information Disorder. I wasn’t invited to be on it. I guess they only want members who are on one side of the narrative for some reason.

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