Twitter Bans Two Right-Wing Accounts As Musk Promotes Free Speech

Twitter Bans Two Right-Wing Accounts As Musk Promotes Free Speech

Twitter Bans Two Right-Wing Accounts As Musk Promotes Free Speech

Described as promoting unproven treatments for covid.

The journalistic incompetence and/or fake news is brazen.

With a little due diligence even the useful idiots in the media could see that my treatment protocol has been
proven right by multiple peer reviewed papers and thousands of doctors worldwide.

I accuse the media in being an accomplice to crimes against humanity. These false narrative propagandists should stand trial before military tribunals.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Twitter bans two right-wing accounts as Musk promotes free speech

Twitter permanently suspended accounts of Mike Lindell and Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko shortly after the duo rejoined with creating new Twitter handles, for violating platform rules against evading bans

Amid Elon Musk’s free speech call, Twitter has re-suspended the accounts of two prominent conservative figures — MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko.

The micro-blogging platform permanently suspended their accounts shortly after the duo rejoined it with creating new Twitter handles, for violating platform rules against evading bans, reports The Verge.

Lindell was banned last year while Zelenko was banned in 2020.

Lindell was originally suspended for violating Twitter’s rules against election misinformation.

Zelenko, who promoted an unproven Covid-19 treatment, was banned for violating rules on platform manipulation and spam.

Twitter’s decision came as Musk, who has made a successful $44 billion bid to acquire the platform, promoted free speech and less content moderation.

The world’s richest man first supported former

US president Donald Trump’s social network app ‘Truth Social’ by sharing its App Store ranking on his microblogging handle.

He later openly criticised Twitter’s legal head Vijaya Gadde for suspending the account of The New York Post that wrote an exclusive article about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Musk had long been advocating free speech on the platform, creating apprehensions for many as they fear the site will be left without regulations.

The billionaire earlier said that Twitter must remain politically neutral if it wants to keep enjoying public trust.


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