The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!

The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!

The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!

By The Jimmy Dore Show


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Quit conflating illegal immigration with legal immigration. Illegal immigration is wrong and needs to be stopped immediately. Also, the taxpayers should not be footing the bill for this reckless immigration practice.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am looking forward to the next level, uncensored Tucker show that is coming. It will be bigger than 3 million daily viewers.

The US has gone full fascist.
This is the corrupt Establishment eliminating ALL dissident voices, from James O’Keefe at Project Veritas to Tucker Carlson at Fox.
The battle lines are drawn — it’s the corrupt FASCIST Establishment vs. the rest of us. Get ready.

Tucker simply exposed too much. Polls are showing that the people are waking up & a majority of people are now awake to the lies largely bc of Tucker.
This is the purge ramping up.

Same thing happened to both James O’Keefe and Tucker Carlson criticize Big Pharma and get ousted by your own organization.
The corrupt Establishment will go to any lengths to censor or hide the truth they mandated an experimental drug that did more harm than good.

Tucker was talking about illegal immigrants Jimmy not legal ones that do contribute to society.

Tucker Carlson is correct about mass, uncontrolled immigration from (relatively) poor, dysfunctional countries. Stop being so weak minded.

It’s so refreshing to see people having a *real* conversation about what’s going on. Without political allegiance and spin, without virtue signaling-authenticity and humor are much appreciated in this day and age.


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