The People Who Want Censorship

The People Who Want Censorship

The People Who Want Censorship

By AwakenWithJP

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stu crompton
People asking questions aren’t anti vax, they’re anti indoctrination.

Vin DiGregorio
I don’t believe in considering other opinions; I’m not an extremist.”
Pure Gold!

Saul Good
“I don’t wanna be informed, being informed is rooted in systemic racism”.

Travis Lewis
I dont believe in considering different opinions, im not an extremist …

Chance Ondriezek
“Biden wants kindergarteners to wear masks in school, he doesn’t think the parents should have a say in it, he thinks it should be a government decision. Well, in Florida, the parents are gonna be the ones who make that decision” – Governor Ron DeSantis

Jive Turkey
“Unlike the cruel Leonidas, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel.” — Xerxes, 300.

Noir Kamui
“If we were ment to use our own brains, god wouldn’t have given us censorship.” boom! Fucking genius! X

Ron Skilbeck
Using the Socratic Method for debate and logic – “How can a person who’s never had Covid and never gotten vaccinated created a variant? Doesn’t it seem logical that only the VACCINATED are creating the variants? Why is it that the three most vaccinated countries in the world have the most Covid-19 Delta Variants (and almost 100% of the infected are fully vaccinated)? Doesn’t it seem like it’s the Vaccine (Vaccinated) that are spreading the disease?

DL Kennedy
“As substantial proof that you’re a bad parent and don’t love your children, you let them use their own free will because it will cause them to get hurt sometimes. Loving parents keep their children in cages. So they’ll never get hurt. That’s love.” Dale the Atheist.

Timea Biro
“One thing that Nazis did right, censored their citizens.” – JP can shine the light of truth in the most unexpected ways.

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