The Lie We Live

The Lie We Live

The Lie We Live

By Freshtastical

The Lie We Live (2015) is a video written & created by myself, Spencer Cathcart, which I originally published in January 2015. It received over 26 million views, however a music company put a copyright claim on it over a small portion of background music. In limited time I was able to license new music to avoid this issue happening again. Otherwise this is the same video and the words are exactly the same.

Here’s what others had to say:

“They gave us money, and instead we gave them the world”. That hit too hard

I will play this once a day until my subconscious remembers it.

I discovered this 2 years ago, and wished we could somehow broadcast this uninterrupted to EVERY screen in the world at the same time. Especially now, I want it more than ever.

Sonikz No Copyright Music & Relaxation
“We’ve mastered the act of killing, now let’s master the joy of living”, very deep 🙂🙂

cup of tae with 3 dollars worth of suga & kookies
I want to just drop out of school and move to a tropical island and hunt for food in the sea and roast fish over a fire

Doctor Joby
Justin Bieber videos have billions of views.
When this video has billions of views the world will be a better place…

Jay Salas
I can’t believe that you have the same thoughts about the world like I do. Very fascinating

L’ Apostata
I am sure 90% of the people who watched this video forgot about it 1 week after watching it.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”
-Wolfgang Goethe

James Wilson
“Tested and graded like subjects in a lab” so true

Uncle Ruckus
This needs to spread like a disease or a wildlife this is an eye opener this will turn the greedy into humble and turn the ignorant into understanding this is the truth and truth is very powerful let this teach the strong to protect the weak and the brave protect the cowardly. Thank you for this video I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart

James Barely
I’m surprised they didn’t delete this yet 😂

“We witness the extraordinary on screens, but ordinary everywhere else” The ultimate truth of life

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