Satanic Cult That Kidnaps Children for Rituals

Satanic Cult That Kidnaps Children for Rituals

Satanic Cult That Kidnaps Children for Rituals

By Rev. Walter Mwambazi

Satanic Cult That Kidnaps Children for Rituals
(A 60 Minutes Investigative Report)

This video was done back in the early 90s and speaks of very serious matters. Interestingly, in spite of all the proof and data, no one among the “rich folk” practicing this was ever arrested.


You should know the answer. It’s because Luciferianism is a serious practice among those of power and influence, that is why it never goes anywhere.

It’s even shocking this was aired out in the mainstream media. I can guarantee you that today this type of show would not air.

As for these cults, they are even more powerful today and because they own virtually all the mainstream media, they work on “hiding in plain sight” what is done in secret so that the majority never ever believe it.

So, ask yourself, why do such things exist? Why do such “cults” operate? If these are a mad lot, why so prevalent among the rich and powerful? Why do these stories persist?

There is more to life than what meets the eye, and for the blind, the Sheeple shall continue to be fleeced and deceived until it’s too late.

PS: Learned today that the main subject of this report committed suicide at age 33.


Here’s what others had to say:

Rebecca Gibbs- Mckenzie
I was in cult / Paedophile ring as a child. Nobody would listen or believe me. Even though this town had more people inbreeding then you can imagine. I grew up terrorised and given a life sentence of terror because of my stepfather/ members /mates. Only since he killed his second wife and nearly his daughter in June 2021 this year the truth has finally come out about his depravit, narcissistic, abusive, control freak and the exposures what this group used to do in this so called a cult to children. This man was so scared he took his own life because this was the first time he was cornered into a situation he could not control or pay his way out. HE took the easy way out instead of facing his punishment in the court of law. It seems to me I was the the guinea pig on how to control these children Into silence. Hell is an understatement. I’m in Australia.

Richard Mulola
We are truly in the end times Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life.

Patricia Vanier
I’m more concerned about Christian cults who are known for ongoing, unrepentant sequel abuse of children!!!

Kanz Manga Mutinta
This is not new and has been happening for a while. Anyone who has read extensively on Christian books exposing satanism or witchcraft will know that even worse happens, they sacrifice baby boys especially.

Abubakar Sani Kawuwa
And then people will tell me that it’s good that we are getting rid of religion. Well, you may be getting religion out of your life, but my dear, the satanists are just sharpening their knives!

DhyDhy DhyDhy
Molech is the name of the ancient demon. Apostle Tamaki preaches regularly on the ancient demons so we can accurately identify the spirit working today.

Abraham Mark
In Nigeria this is happening everyday and it’s not farfetched because alot of people have been found doing it! True but sad story

Luise Pavel Hayes
Rich and powerful like trump and all his friends that are pointing fingers at others!

Sharon Angel
This has been happening since the beginning of time ..and it is satanic
Rituals are in every occult practice..even disguised under Christianity.

Alis Volat Propriis
Never felt so many emotions at same time.. This is horrific, I just can’t even find words..

Amanda Oliver
I can imagine the torment and torture she suffered at the hands of these wicked individuals, and she has been traumatised because of this. Yet she seems very switched on and clearly a strong young woman considering the types of things she had seen and went through, as many wouldn’t be able to have come through this as she has.

Trevor Rogoz
Poor kid what is f#$&@k she is strong. I’m sooo sorry you had to endure that. I would love to give you a big hug and know this. You be are loved by many. Don’t even forget that.

All Perez
Satanic cults doing that is necessarily suprising! That the point of so called Satanic””,,,….. What is suprising is that “”” politicians,,,, celebraties,,, world leaders,,,, are in those groups and participate

Tamea Vaisima
I believe this young lady but what I don’t understand why didn’t her mother checked up on her children. As a mother I will do that and try to help in any way I can.

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