Nudist Ex-lover of Paul Pelosi Attacker is Female PEDOPHILE who Harassed Boy, 14, and Who Bought S*x Dolls ‘for Their Sons to Use’

Nudist Ex-lover of Paul Pelosi Attacker is Female PEDOPHILE who Harassed Boy, 14, and Who Bought S*x Dolls ‘for Their Sons to Use’

Nudist Ex-lover of Paul Pelosi Attacker is Female PEDOPHILE who Harassed Boy, 14, and Who Bought S*x Dolls ‘for Their Sons to Use’


The nudist ex-lover of the man who attacked Paul Pelosi is a pedophile who attempted to kidnap a 14-year-old boy and allegedly bought s*x dolls for her sons to use.
Oxane ‘Gypsy’ Taub, 53, the former lover of David DePape who is charged with attacking Pelosi in his San Francisco home, was convicted in 2021 for child abuse.
Prosecutors said Taub, who once protested naked in front of San Francisco City Hall, had been stalking the boy, sending him emails and messages and trying to lure him to secretly meet with her.

Ryan La Coste, one of Taub and DePape’s neighbors, said he’s long complained about the family’s behavior and nudity while minors were around, noting that the family keeps several s*x dolls, according to Michael Shellenberger’s Substack.
‘Before Gypsy got locked up, there were s*x dolls drying on the back of their porch that I’m assuming she bought for her sons,’ La Coste said. ‘They’re off the wall.’
Following his attack on Pelosi, DePape has been accused by his daughter of s*xually assaulting his three children when they were kids.

While DePape has been accused of abusing minors, Taub is the one convicted of the crime as police said she had an ‘obsession’ with a child, once writing to him that it would be legal for them to date in other states.
In 2019, police said Taub continued inappropriate behavior with a former friend of her son despite the boy’s family placing a restraining order on her.
Authorities said Taub was writing to the boy about dating him and once drove past his house trying to talk to profess ‘her love and desire’ to be with him.

According to police, Taub later had her son deliver a package to the boy, which included a letter pleading with him to meet with her without his phone.
‘This is our last chance to help you,’ the letter read. ‘Leave your bag and your regular cell phone in the locker.’
Police showed up at the time and place of the meeting Taub had set up and arrested her as she wore a ‘disguise.’
Along with stalking and endangering the boy, the court heard that he had suffered great ‘mental anguish’ over the repeated harassment.
Along with worries over Taub’s criminal record, neighbors told Shellenberger that she and DePape often used the psychedelic drug ibogaine.

A neighbor, who identified herself only as Tish, claimed the duo would buy the drugs from Mexico ‘and then they bring it back here and treat people’s mental health illnesses.’
She alleged that Taub and DePape would abuse the pills themselves, wailing at night and sweating profusely from trips that appeared to last three days.
Laura Hayes, another neighbor, told CNN that she’s seen similar odd behavior from the former couple. She said DePape once told her ‘he talks to angels and there will be a hard time coming.’
While reports indicate that DePape was an unhinged, far-right conspiracy theorist, neighbors noted he and Taub’s politics were much more muddied.
They told Shellenberger that the couple had Black Live Matter flags and an LGBT rainbow flag outside their home, but also said that any liberal leanings appeared to be shallow and performative.
Taub’s criminal record and the former couple’s alleged drug abuse paints the picture of a deeply troubled household as DePape’s daughter, Inti Gonzalez, claimed her father abused her and her two brothers.
Gonzalez blogged about DePape, 42, on Friday after it was reported that he broke into the Pelosi’s $6million San Francisco home at 2.27 am in his underwear and beat the 82-year-old Paul with a hammer while shouting ‘where’s Nancy?’

Gonzalez wrote in the post, which has since been taken down, that her mother met DePape – whom she describes as her father – in Maui when she was pregnant with her. The couple moved to the Bay Area soon after Gonzalez was born.
According to his daughter, DePape slowly became ‘toxic’ until Gonzalez’s mother left him when she was 13-years-old.
After DePape was out of the home, her brother Nebosvod began to have memories of their father ‘physically and s*xually abusing me and my brothers, which started when we were very young and continued until around 2008, when [Gonzalez] was 7.’
Gonzalez wrote that her father’s alleged violent attack on Pelosi was ‘not much’ of a shock ‘considering the kind of extreme abuse he had inflicted on me and my brothers.’

After Nebosvod began to remember abuse, Gonzalez says she and her youngest brother Daniel also started to remember being abused by DePape.
Their mother filed a police report against DePape but ‘the case was not managed properly so nothing was done about it,’ according to Gonzalez.
Despite the memories of abuse, Gonzalez also writes that DePape was a ‘quiet’ man who was ‘never violent, yelled or even swore.’
She heartbreakingly describes DePape as someone who ‘did genuinely try to be a good person’ and added that she loves him, but ‘the monster in him was always too strong for him to be safe to be around,’ adding that he also suffered an abusive childhood.
Gonzalez said: ‘He barely opened up about himself or his past but it was obvious that he grew up in hell and that we didn’t know the worst of it.’ She did know, however, that his mother ‘would beat him almost to death.’
Gonzalez wrote that she still loves her father despite the ‘extreme abuse’ she recalls him inflicting.
He once even apologized for his behavior – according to Gonzalez, he took the siblings to a park and said he was sorry ‘for everything I have done to you guys. I am more sorry than you will ever know.’
However, the most recent time Gonzalez spoke to DePape, he tried to get to her to admit that the abuse never happened.

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