“No Lockdowns, Zero Travel Restrictions—& Very Little Borona.”

“No Lockdowns, Zero Travel Restrictions—& Very Little Borona.”

“No Lockdowns, Zero Travel Restrictions—& Very Little Borona.”

By Josh Write Book

Have you read the latest article on Mexico and the newest viral addition to your neurosis?

I thought not, for no such article has been written.

With people flying in from literally all over the world, Mexico has 7 times fewer cases than Vietnam, a country that’s been closed off to the world and in communist lockdown for 6 months. It has half the cases of Thailand, a country with a similar climate—also closed off to the world for 2 years and in and out of lockdowns since forever. It has the same vaccination rate as Austria—a country now in segregated lockdown and channelling the spirit of its most famous statesman as it forces a medical procedure not onto, but into, its people.


You have a think about it, and get back to me.

And while your own government manipulates, blackmails, & coerces you into ensuring it that it can go on manipulating, blackmailing, & coercing you, remember there’s still one place on earth that you can enter without giving a pharmaceutical company your money, without providing data-driven dictatorships with yet more of your data—and in which people are living their lives unafraid of extreme statistical unlikelihoods.

Now 3 months into my exile in Mexico, I will forever be grateful to this country for its sanity, its scepticism, and its freedom—and inversely saddened by the civilisation that bore me, for its worship of fear, its deification of safety, its materialism of life.

Long live the Free and Sovereign State of Quintana Roo, and ¡viva Mexico!

Here’s what others had to say:

Agree 100% with you. Greetings from currently tyrranic Greece…

Florida is pretty chill as well. 😎🌴🌞

If only we could escape Canada 🇨🇦 and get on a damn plane. Freedom of movement, gone.

Can you enter the country without a vx?

👏👏👏 viva Mexico ! Love that country and it’s people.
Am in UK but leaving soon for good.
Btw have you heard of the incredible series called Covid revealed. It’s not on mainstream media / your tube etc
Because it will be taken down / censored Etc


The Yucatán Peninsula is the safest to travel to in Mexico. (This hidden gem is losing its tranquility though – thanks SM.)

Best post I’ve seen all year. I’ve felt myself drawn to Mexico for awhile now, you’ve all but convinced me to renounce my US citizenship and copy your lifestyle exactly. Writing books, discussing literature, and watching the waves…hard to beat that

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