Monopoly – A Fascinating Documentary on How the World Works

Monopoly – A Fascinating Documentary on How the World Works

Monopoly – A Fascinating Documentary on How the World Works

By Ivor Cummins

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Watched this today. Already knew most of it but fabulously put together and a good reminder of why we find ourselves in the predicament we are in.

craig storey
Great work. Now if we could just get the 99% to bother paying attention……

Crazy Horse
We all need to concentrate our energy on breaking down all the deliberate obstacles that this evil has used to divide us, left and right politics, skin colour, sexuality, religion etc. This video will help greatly with that cause. Share as widely as you can.

Janice Rideout
This is beyond creepy, but definitely not unexpected. Thanks so much for sharing.

Janet Jacks
Utterly brilliant and the first time i’ve ever seen the Belgium segment regarding the Swine Flu, completely shocked. Thank you as usual to Ivor Cummins, thank god we can still get some impartial information.
Just want to add that it kind of reminds me of the Thrive film a bit which also goes into the suppression of Tesla and other means of generating free energy as a way of keeping everyone dependent. I would love to hear more about this as this is such a big part of the puzzle so we may become self reliant.

James Bartlett
‘The world is a big club, and you ain’t in it” George Carlin
Just read’ Behold a pale horse’ by Bill Cooper and realize we’re all pawns in a massive chess game

Super Nova
I turned my TV off about 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.

Gustav Skans
As expected, this explains everything during this Covid debacle. Excellent summary.

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