Michigan Preschool Asks 4-Year-Olds for their ‘Gender Identity’

Michigan Preschool Asks 4-Year-Olds for their ‘Gender Identity’

Michigan Preschool Asks 4-Year-Olds for their ‘Gender Identity’


A Kent County, Michigan preschool is asking four-year-old children to list their supposed ‘gender identity’.

Kent County Intermediate School District in Kent County Michigan now has children list their “gender identities” on preschool application forms, in a new woke attack on America’s children.

When a mother in Cedar Springs Michigan enrolled her daughter in Kent County Intermediate School districts preschool “readiness” program, she was presented with an intake form that asked for the gender preference of her four-year-old daughter.

The mother took to Facebook posting in anger; “THIS IS MESSED UP. This is on the registration for my 4 year old. FOUR YEAR OLD! Not a teenager or an adult but a Preschooler. It even has an asterisk which means I’m REQUIRED to answer the questions to answer the question to continue the application. (Only choices are male, female and non-binary)… Really great start Readiness program through the in Kent County ISD program in Michigan.”

The form is another blatant example of schools pushing transgenderism on young children, forcing parents to kowtow to wokeism in order to send their toddlers to preschool. Additionally, the intake attempts to normalize gender dysphoria in little children by encouraging parents to identify their children as transgender.

Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon (R) took to Twitter saying “Progressives and leftists push to normalize 4-year olds changing their gender then they’re appalled when parents fight back”.

It can only be speculated what is being taught in Kent County schools, but considering that their intake pushes transgender ideology, the curriculum is more than likely full of wokeness and sexual perversion, as the LGBT lobby continues to attack the minds of children.


Original source: https://nationalfile.com/michigan-preschool-asks-4-year-olds-for-their-gender-identity/

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