Metaverse To Track Users’ Expressions & Movements – Shove Ads in Your Face To Fund It

Metaverse To Track Users’ Expressions & Movements – Shove Ads in Your Face To Fund It

Metaverse To Track Users’ Expressions & Movements – Shove Ads in Your Face To Fund It

By RT News

Metaverse to Track Users’ Expressions & Movements – Shove ads in your face to fund it.

The company formerly known as Facebook plans to monitor Metaverse facial expressions, body poses, and even eye movements – while funding the digital reality through “virtual stories.”

“For us, the business model in the metaverse is commerce-led,” said Nick Clegg, Meta’s head of global affairs. (Financial Times)

Patent docs reveal a concept for a digital store, where users would buy met-averse-specific items, or those corresponding to real-life goods.

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