Leigh Dundas Warns Cov Tyranny “Almost a Second Holocaust”

Leigh Dundas Warns Cov Tyranny “Almost a Second Holocaust”

Leigh Dundas Warns Cov Tyranny “Almost a Second Holocaust”

By Health Ranger Report


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Karla Specht
What a great woman…thank you.

Texas Arwen
Love Leigh!

Now that it is being exposed that being around Injectees is causing serious problems for UnInjected, since these people want to live like Nazis, how about forcing Injectees to identify themselves when in public so that we can avoid them? An arm band with a skull and crossbones on it, perhaps?

paul metzler
She is the fastest talker I have ever heard!

Daniela Petra Collins
Please share this and let people know. He has a huge audience.

Just listened to Dr. Jeffries at First Baptist Dallas, and was very disappointed. He actually started pushing the vaccine, said they are completely safe and told everyone to take it so they could go back to their normal lives. He also claimed that there were no death associated with the vaccines, no injuries, and only a few people got Corona after taking it. Wow, another has been hijacked, bought and paid off. I began having suspicions after he began promoting Biden as the legitimate President, and acted as if everything was fine. He has never mentioned anything in his sermons about all the perversion which is being pushed by this fake Administration, whereas in the past he used to speak out regularly. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now I know why I had reservations and a check in my spirit. This is exactly how it will be when the Anti Christ comes on the scene. False preachers will push him as the Savior of the world so they can maintain their status, power and influence.

Great interview! Btw, someone needs to tell Leigh to get off of google/gmail crap. Use DuckDuckGo for search and Protonmail for email.

But with all of these arguments we forget the obvious: 99.99 % recovery rate from the BullShit virus that has yet to be even isolated doesn’t warrant a vaccine. Period.

Ray Comeau
Thank you Paul Metzler.

I am going to be 80 years old on May 06 2021. And I just tried to watch and listen to the video. You are correct. My wish is that such important videos should be accompanies by a typed copy of what the speaker is saying.

I would guess that there must be others like myself, who would appreciate a typed version of the video’s content.

Thank You Leigh, We need you to get this information out around the world.


Original Source: https://www.brighteon.com/0190d8f3-b8e2-40ae-a529-8da07be639e6

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