If Authoritarians Taught Self Help!

If Authoritarians Taught Self Help!

If Authoritarians Taught Self Help!

By Trump News

If Authoritarians taught self-help! Imagine if the authoritarians installed their version of Tony Robbins. We’d be empowered to be even more obedient! Self-help that destroys yourself!

Here’s what others had to say:

Indes WMA
His last line, “unleash the obedience within,” was clutch. Keep the truth bombs coming JP!

Rowan Morrell
“When someone is abusing you, what are they REALLY doing? Protecting you!”
So relatable, that line.

Solving The Money Problem
200 IQ satire. Some of your best work JP.

“RAGE: This emotion will give you an unbelievable level of certainty about the beliefs that you’re told to think”… 💯

This actually motivated me more than the actual motivators. JP explains the unmotivated in such a way I’m going to be working through lunch and overtime just to avoid being like them. Thanks JP!

HALF Warrior 67
The scariest part of this is that JP is exactly correct on all the points.

Yea, OK
Wouldn’t you love to delve into the minds of people who thumbs down JP’s stuff?? It would be fascinating . Well, terrifying, yet fascinating.

Original Source: https://www.trumpnews.live/lifestyle/if-authoritarians-taught-self-help/

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