I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly by Five Times August (Music & Lyric Video) 2021

I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly by Five Times August (Music & Lyric Video) 2021

I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly by Five Times August (Music & Lyric Video) 2021

By CNBS News


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Nigel Nigel
Lord Jesus Son of God, Have mercy on us sinners and protect us in these troubling times!

Awesome Tune. We have a busker in our Safeway parking lot playing an amplified accordion &(sounds good but) he plays like the titanic is sinking Blessings and Grace to you.

Awesome song and thanks for the link you left for Oracle films people need to see that.

Tamara Warren
Love this song! It needs to be our global anthem until we push the people who serve the citizens back into serving we the people.

Jeanette Bjerrum
Played this several times today. Fits my attitude perfectly. Great tune!

Cathy Blair
I have really been enjoying your newer music. Though, I do love all your tunes! I was just asking my son Shawn if you do any live music around our area would love to see you again!
You rock and are a voice most needed in our troubling times.

Amrita Whitman
LOVE, LOVE this song!!!! Thank you! Just shared it on Twitter where hopefully, they won’t take it down!

Unknown Unknown
It’s Important to remember this was all written a long time a go the good news is no matter what they do they will lose at the end.
Glory to the almighty God

Rev Christine Grace
Boom! Thank you, Loving Allness, for sharing your gifts and blessings. With my last breath in this physical body, I speak the Truth. Been shamed been blamed been mocked … by my own family, including my precious adult children … Yep.

kat kaplan
You have a ‘tryptych’ of these songs now -“Jesus what happened to us”, “god help us all.”, and now this. ( and I guess outta yer damnmind kinda fits too… but it’s not my fave. ) the first one, god help us all was my fave Keep up the great work!

Glenda Riddell
Great sound and visually powerful 👏 Excellent video to encourage all who are standing for truth. Enjoyed looking at your other videos as well – good job, keep up the great work!

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