I Just Received an Email From Whs as a Follow-Up to R U OK? Day, Asking How Am I?

I Just Received an Email From Whs as a Follow-Up to R U OK? Day, Asking How Am I?

I Just Received an Email From Whs as a Follow-Up to R U OK? Day, Asking How Am I?

By Den Hugh

I just received an email from WHS as a follow-up to R U OK? day, asking how am I?

My response:
No, I am not Ok.

We are in the throes of a globalist communist takeover which is imposing medical apartheid on the population, conducting psychological warfare through the media, and destroying businesses and lives all on the pretext of a ‘virus’ that has never been isolated or proven to exist.

Despite sharing factual data from government websites that show that there is no real pandemic and that the marketed solution to the false pandemic is killing more than the theoretical virus has, no amount of fact has any effect on changing the minds of those who have sold their lives (and souls) to this cult of pseudo-science.

I feel like I am living in a zombie sci-fi movie and all that keeps me sane is that I can stay on my farm and not have any association with the zombie-like bipeds and their virtue signaling mask wearing and promotion of their medical history by glorifying themselves for having taken an experimental jab that they do not even know the full ingredients of, being pushed by companies such as Pfizer who are famous only for having had to pay out the largest criminal fine in the world’s history.

But, you did ask if I was ok.

Here’s what others had to say:

Vamsi Daran Das
lol well it’s a big club and you ain’t in it, but that’s actually the blessing because being caged and surrounded by flames is preferable to taking association from materialists.
Varam huta vaha jvala panjarantar vyavasthitik na sauri cinta vimukha jana samvasa vaisasam – ma draksih ksina punyan kvacid api bhagavad bhakti hinan manusyan.
It is better to accept the miseries of being caged and surrounded by flames rather then to associate with those bereft of Krsna Consciousness. Such association is a very great hardship. One should not even see those who are bereft of devotional service in krsna consciousness and who are therefore bereft of pious activities – CC madya lila Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu –
So that is the reality whether we live in a so-called nice society where the business of sense grat is going on nicely or a orwellian society fuelled by ignorant secret societies who rule from the shadows one is unfortunate without bhakta krpa. Actually that is the truth of society whether we realize it or not, it is orwellian in nature atm, soon the sheep will accept the invasion of privacy and being herded like foolish children who must be monitored at every step because the materialists live in constant fear that their monopoly on material wealth and resources will be usurped at any moment by the common person who is enslaved by them, so they are implementing measures of control to ensure their own ignorant sense gratification. Why will the sheeple accept it, because taking the vaccine as a foot in the door to rationalise a false plandemic and its concommitant digital tracking and facial recognition technology is preferable to the impediment, lockdowns and retarded quarantine measures cause to our material sense gratification. Everybody is addicted to material enjoyment so it is simply a matter of turning off the tap and watching everyone struggle with thirst, then promising to allow the flow to return to normal once the intrusive monitoring methods have been welcomed with open arms, in order to get back to the new normal.
But there was nothing normal before and nothing will be normal after because the only normal position the soul has is, jivera swarupya haya krsnera nitya dasa krsnera tatastha sakti beda beda prakash…. so this is the real dilema, how to get back to our normal constitutional nature as a servant of Krsna and go back home back to godhead ?
One seeking real happiness must approach a bonafide spiritual master and take initiation from him …. tasmad gurum prapadyeta jijnasuh sreya uttamam…….
Then once we have attained the sadhya or fruit of surrendering to such association one can wake up from this temporary illusory dream like world and realise what it means to go back home to godhead visate tad anantaram.
yatha hy apratibuddhasya prasvapo bahv anartha bhrt sa eva pratibuddhasya na vai mohaya kalpate – Although while dreaming a person experiences many undesirable things (like bullshit plandemics) , upon awakening he is no longer confused by the dream experiences . Ofc it is still disturbing to be faced with maniacs trying to rain down vaccines and use squads of anti terror units to mobilize against people who are attached to breathing rather then suffocating in masks . But ultimately it is a small price to pay if one has the good fortune to come into the association of pure devotees and begin to develop their dormant love for Krsna. Although troublesome this kaliyuga has become auspicious due to the associates of lord Caitanya who are taking birth and distributing the pure holy name of Krsna under the umbrella of his divine auspices.

Peter Banicevic
Sums it up perfectly

Ishan Chaitanya
Den Hugh gotcha my friend.

BV Paramarthi Swami
Wow, well said Prabhuji
I worry about the zombie bipeds too.

Mišo Madhava Gauranga
It really looks like we are living in some dream world where zombis just swallow whatever is told to them by government’s and media

Jamie McIntyre
Well said
Only if my grammar was as good.

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