Here’s What You Need to Know About the TransAgenda

Here’s What You Need to Know About the TransAgenda

Here’s What You Need to Know About the TransAgenda

By ElleMira

Someone posted today:
“Are they trolling us with all this Transgender crap?”
Of course, they are.

It serves their agendas in several ways:

1. The constant push of the transagenda demoralizes, agitates and weakens the traditional, conservative, Christian base – redefining what we’ve codified as “American values”. It serves to denigrate the concept of the traditional American nuclear family that’s been the backbone identity of America for decades. We are the proverbial frog in a boiling pot – the agenda has been pushed for decades and is now dominating every facet our lives.
Scene from ‘Blast From the Past’. Dr Calvin Webber emerges from his underground bunker after 35 years (1962 – 1997) and sees society has changed drastically. He’s propositioned by a transgender prostitute:

2. Exposing children to transgenderism at a young age normalizes this culture. Not only does it normalize but it uses all sorts of psychology (music, colors, story time, parades, festivities) to appeal to the children so that they will adopt and cultivate this agenda as normal, desirable and idyllic.
‘How Advertising Rewires Kids’ Brains’
“We see ads everywhere and kids are no exception. How does this flood of marketing affect a child’s development?…We are treating them like shoppers of the future”


3. Trans healthcare is projected to be a multi billion dollar industry.
“Sex-reassignment surgery market in US forecast to soar to US$6 billion
America’s sex reassignment surgery market size was US$1.9 billion in 2021, according to market analyst Grand View Research. It is expected to grow at a rate of about 11% annually, reaching about $6 billion in 2030.”

U.S. Sex Reassignment Surgery Market

You have to understand how the ‘healthcare’ industry truly operates in order to have a better understanding of why they’re pushing the transagenda.

The corporations are running our country and their lobbyists are legislating all of this into place.
Just as the “Affordable Healthcare Act” made healthcare a profitable industry – healthy people are duds, they need to keep the population sick and dependent:
Body Brokers Movie “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act …”

^ I can’t get the YT video to embed but you can click the link to watch it, it’s only a minute long and provides staggering statistics.
More here:
A Film Based On A True Story About How An Industry Of Money Hungry, Self-Seeking Vultures Exploit Vulnerable People

FDA/Big Pharma/Healthcare collusion and the opioid epidemic:
Dopesick: “Pseudo Addiction”

Excellent article here detailing how “We the People” will never affect change through our elected officials because they are serving corporate interests:
“The Anvil and the Woodchipper…
We send politicians to stop the madness of government, but nothing changes. Why?
Washington DC is a Potemkin village. We focus on the visible but the constructs that impact us do not originate from the false facade. There’s something behind that facade, and what we see is…. entirely… a facade. That’s why sending the politicians doesn’t change the outcome. To get to the core of the issue, we must first stop looking at the Potemkin village and instead look behind it.
Legislation, rules, regulations and laws are not written by congress. The paperwork comes from the assembly of legal and lobbyist foot soldiers on K-Street. That’s where the ink is put to the paper and the legislative outcomes first originate. K-Street is where the corporations, multinationals and financial organizations control the process.
If the corporations behind the DC facade want to shift the money, they proactively write the rules, regulations and laws that steer the actual policy outcomes to their financial target or destination. Their wealth expands and they reward the participants, the politicians…”

4. The transagenda serves to divide and tear apart our nation – creating ‘culture wars’. The days following the school shooting in Nashville saw several ‘useful’ elected officials utilize the violent tragedy as a way to further agitate, gaslight and PsyOp Americans:
The meme shows a grandma holding an AK-47 and the text says, “Auntie Fa Says, Protect Trans Folks Against Fascists and Bigots”:


AZ Gov. Hobbs’ press secretary resigns after tweet suggesting gun violence against ‘transphobes’

5. Establishing the small population of LGBTQ+ as a protected class serves to erode our Constitution, our First Amendment, labeling it ‘hate speech’ if we criticize them and their agenda. Putting trans into powerful positions that legislate and shape our nation puts our elected and appointed officials in a ‘protected class’ so that any criticism of their policies could place dissenters on an FBI watch list, as a ‘white supremacist’ ‘domestic terrorist’. It becomes a powerful tool in weeding out, silencing and punishing conservatives.

They are doubling down with a new bill to criminalize anyone who speaks out against the transgender agenda with “offensive remarks”….with a penalty of $25,000 if prosecuted!

“The RESTRICT ACT (anti-TikTok law) is an Orwellian NIGHTMARE that would seize web domains and imprison Americans for 20 years if they contradict the regime in power
…The weaponization potential of the bill is unlimited, as it can be applied to anything merely deemed to be in the “national security interest” of the United States.

The bill text explicitly states that the government may enforce, “any mitigation measure” against “any person” or “any property” by merely deciding that an article, video, podcast, platform or other content item contains content they don’t like…”

The important take from all of this is it is a weaponized ideology. A PsyOp that serves a multifaceted agenda.
“If your opponent is of a choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant” Sun Tzu

We as Americans helped to create and empower our prison wardens. Like farm animals, they kept us fat, satiated, ignorant and lazy. We’ve let them raise our children. We’ve put them in charge of our food, our healthcare, our education, our information.

In closing, some sage advice here at 16:36 mark – we’ve relinquished our responsibilities to these institutions. Don’t waste your vital energy on hate, stop trying to change others – instead redirect your focus towards changing your lifestyle. We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves, for our lives, for our families and the way we live in order to create change.

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