Great Reset: The Leaders Colluding To Make Us Feel Powerless

Great Reset: The Leaders Colluding To Make Us Feel Powerless

Great Reset: The Leaders Colluding To Make Us Feel Powerless

By Russell Brand

This video on the Great Reset and Eric Schmidt…what do you think?



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Petula Columbus
This Great Reset is crap and I dont understand why we are allowing it …So degrading to human life …which is already degraded.

Dana Saretsky
You are correct Russell, terrifying is the only way to describe it. Love how you do such an amazing job bringing these facts to the masses!

Bev Bainsfair
I already react with the room, I can open a window, put on music, sit on something soft, say hi to other humans there. Why would I want more interaction with a room than that.

Lieve Hulst
Honestly I think you made more thoughts with your honest and loving humor . I am done with people sitting on their thrones of vanity and explaining life 💖 because a laugh is life . Endless analisation is humans.

Joe Morton Jr.
From his rolls never would have guessed Russell was such a intelligent guy, really like him!

Patricia Delaney
So sick of these tired grey men with tiny hands deciding our future!

Helen Wilson
These people and their ideas are frightening. Maybe we should put chips in their brains and take away everything so they own nothing. These are their dreadful ideas that they want to impose on everyone else but themselves. These ideas are so outlandish that people are having a hard time believing that this could be anything but a conspiracy, but it is becoming well documented and they are not even hiding it now.

Dawn Grocott
I absolutely bloody love you Russell .. and that is as a human brother and I loved the chapter on the experience with Wim Hof and his son. Just on last 45 minutes and I have loved listening to Revelation xx

Lara Rose
I never thought I’d have that moment when Russel Brand makes perfect sense and is the voice of reason.

Kohsun Rana
Thank god there is someone pointing things out like this ❤
I feel like I’m going insane, that everyone around me are just lemmings, obliviously skipping to the cliff edge, condemning anyone who says ‘look out for that massive cliff’.
How do we get this narrative more widely discussed when they control the media?


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