Gary Lineker Challenges Elon Musk Over Death Threat Received by His Son After BBC Row

Gary Lineker Challenges Elon Musk Over Death Threat Received by His Son After BBC Row

Gary Lineker Challenges Elon Musk Over Death Threat Received by His Son After BBC Row

This is what comes of appeasement. This tosser posts lefty political stuff on Twitter, although working (getting £1.5 million a year) from the State broadcaster, BBC, who are supposed to be impartial. They suspended him, and all his lefty friends went ballistic about freedom of speech, even though they try constantly to shut down anyone criticising masks, jabs etc.

So the BBC cowards reinstated him and straight away he wants to shut down comments on Twitter. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

Lineker has started posting on the social media platform again following his reinstatement to host of Match of the Day

Gary Lineker has challenged Twitter and Elon Musk over a death threat sent to his son, George, in the wake of his impartiality row with the BBC.

The presenter, who was reinstated as host of Match Of The Day on Monday, re-shared the private message sent from a user, which described his son as a “mug” and said he needed to be “burned at the stake”.

Lineker was mostly absent from Twitter during the row but now, following the u-turn from the BBC, he has begun posting on the social media platform once again.

Lineker wrote: “Is this acceptable @Twitter @elonmusk? And I don’t mean the grammar.”

Musk has not yet responded to the Tweet.

Lineker, 62, had been suspended by the BBC for his tweets comparing rhetoric around the Government’s illegal immigration policy to 1930’s Nazi Germany.

George spoke out in support of his father amid the controversy and said he shouldn’t apologise for “being a good person” and he was “proud of the old man”.

Describing the abuse he had received during the row, George said: “Social media’s mad isn’t it. Over the last few days, on Insta – never had so many nice messages. On Twitter – never had so much abuse.

“It’s not even anything to do with me.”

Tim Davie, director general at the BBC, said the row had been caused by “grey areas” in the corporation’s social media guidance adding that an independent review into the guidelines would now take place.

Speaking on Monday, he said: “What we’ve agreed – and I’ve spent time talking to Gary, we’ve had lots of discussions – is between now and when the review reports, Gary will abide by the editorial guidelines. And that’s where we are.”

Speaking in November last year after Musk’s takeover of the site, Lineker said he would continue to use the platform.

He said: “Obviously there are things going on but I’ve not really noticed it’s had an effect on my Twitter at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see what it is and where it’s going.

“He (Mr Musk) seems to be throwing ideas out every five minutes and we’re all waiting to see what it will be like and what’s going to happen. It’s interesting times.

“I’m not going to stand here and say I’m going to come off Twitter because I’m not.

“It’s a big platform and I try to use it for what I think are important issues as well as having a bit of fun and promoting things in my job and talking about football.”


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