Fun Conversation With a Doctor (a GP)

Fun Conversation With a Doctor (a GP)

Fun Conversation With a Doctor (a GP)

By Canberra National Review

Fun Conversation with a Doctor (a GP) yesterday at 4pm:

Doctor: “I got vaxxed I am so proud now I can travel overseas…”

Question: “Which One?”

Doctor: “Astra Zeneca”

Question: “Interesting, did you know that the US and Europe do not recognise Astra Zeneca for travellers as a Vaccine?”

Doctor: “Oh Fuck” and goes green.

Question: “what have you been telling your patients?”

Doctor: “I got to go”

Sadly, many Doctors are great at studying & regurgitating what they have been fed by the powers that be.

Here’s what others had to say:

John Pike
My GP the other day got uneasy the other day when I challenged him.

Tony Grgic
Sadly, doctors have been brainwashed by reading books written by pharmaceutical companies, making doctors trusted salespeople for pharmaceutical companies. Not their fault. It is all legal.

Frank Farries
And will scoslo and Hard hat Gladys be accountable for only giving us access to the vaccine they purchased in bulk that is useless for travel across the world 🌎 if that ever happens in next 3yrs

Tanya Leyson
Yes, I was asking my dr about anti body testing, as some countries deem this as just as valid as a vax passport, as you have the antibodies. She knew nothing about it. Also didn’t know how they test for delta compared to other ‘variants’.

Jenny Hunt
Correct about US, false about Europe.

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