For Those Who May Be Wondering Where the Likes of Indradyumna Swami and BB Govinda Swami Are Taking Their Health Advice From To Support Their Vax Propaganda Work

For Those Who May Be Wondering Where the Likes of Indradyumna Swami and BB Govinda Swami Are Taking Their Health Advice From To Support Their Vax Propaganda Work

For Those Who May Be Wondering Where the Likes of Indradyumna Swami and BB Govinda Swami Are Taking Their Health Advice From To Support Their Vax Propaganda Work

By London Times

For those who may be wondering where the likes of Indradyumna Swami and BB Govinda Swami are taking their health advice from to support their vaccine propaganda work, it is none other than Klaus Schwab (aka Kali) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

For those who don’t recall it was the WEF that held a global forum in 2018 to role play the Cov pandemic (thus why it is has aptly been called a plandemic).

As Gadaffi told the UN “The same people making the vaccines are creating the viruses”. There is significant evidence that this is a fact and senator Rand Paul has provided such facts to the prosecutors office to go after Fauci for lying to congress about not having funded the Wuhan lab for gain of function research (which he did). Gain of function research, as carried out at the Wuhan Lab, is where they take viruses found in animals, like bats and make it possible that they can be transmitted to humans.

One of the opening sentences on the webpage that IDS is directing people to is:
“One of the things that vaccines make possible is the eradication of disease.”

Now, what would Prabhupada say to such a ludicrous statement?

As IDS said we should conduct our own research into such personal matters of health, I did, and I found that those he has put his faith in are nothing but demonic, lying, cheating rakshashas.

I won’t be following asuras and their advice; so I won’t be taking any experimental drug, no matter how many swamis roll their sleeves up and promote it.


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Peter Banicevic
Oh geez. Unbelievable. Thanks for sharing Prabhu

Abhimanyu Das
Its very very sad and very very disappointing for all those who had seen him as “The Guru”…In this moment he is showing that he is actually a “Rtvik Acharya” of the globalist iskcon. Not an embodiment of Truth, True authorised Guru.
Its very sad that he doesn’t care how many of his disciples he is letting down.
I for one feel its our responsibility as those connected through initiation to stir up conversation that may eventually reach his heart. If we all have or have had love for him, the truth is the only medicine.


Jamie McIntyre
Well said
Call out the false prophets
Any one pushing the vulnerable, innocent , niave , gullible , to partake in a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective,untested, dangerous and deadly Global Medical Experiment is not only a Covid fraudster but a charlatan.

Pushing dodgy experimental drugs upon others, especially after their is ample evidence that both Covid is a falsified pandemic, and the fraudulent Covid vaccines are killing and injuring daily in the tens of thousands with over 4.5 m recorded injuries ( half serious ) and to be accurate you need to times by ten so 45 million and growing daily with up to 500,000 dead already)
This are immediate adverse reactions, with 4 billion jabbed already we are facing tens or hundreds of millions of deaths and potential billions injured if it was stopped now

As despite the massive deaths and injuries they are pushing it harder then we are facing the greatest humanitarian disaster on the planet
They won’t be able to produce enough body bags to bury the dead.

We are facing a systemic deliberate destruction of western civilisation to usher in the great totalitarian reset pushed by the WEF.

Those falling for the conspiracy theory pushed by conspiracy theory channels like CNN, BBC, ABC and other that we have a Covid pandemic and need to poison everyone via a ludicrous Global Medical Experiment that’s being forcibly pushed upon people should consider what’s going to happen to them when for influencing so many to join a vaccine death cult.

Only cowards would not take a stand against this evil and deliberate agenda or the dumbest of the dumb would fall for such an obvious fraud.

Michael Kubitzky
This is astounding!! A respected Spiritual Leader sending WEF links to support and promote ones position. WTF is going on.

Narasingha Das
Again my dear Guru-Shakti Dasa … This (submission to demonic propaganda) is not the problem, it is a manifestation of one result of the problem.
The problem is Vaisnava aparadha.
It may sometimes be appropriate for a non-mahabhagavata to accept the position of guru – first he must have been directly instructed by his guru to do so ( as opposed to being ’empowered’ by other unrealized souls)
And second, he must personally be seeking and taking continued guidance under actual mahabhagavata siksa guru(s) … and encouraging his disciples to do the same.
But ISKCON’s leadership has developed a culture of isolating themselves and their disciples from any possibility of seeking and taking higher association.
In following such an utterly counter spiritual program they have both directly offended superior Vaisnavas (by words and actions that are critical, disrespectful, malicious) and indirectly (by failing to go and hear from them when they are nearby); and they have offended their disciples by thus encouraging them also to make such offences, and to refrain from seeking out the association that is actually the most important factor of spiritual life: to hear and chant in such transcendental association.
Following such enormous mistakes, only inauspiciousness can result, such as becoming fooled by, even tools of, demons and demonic propaganda, and thus earning dreadful consequences to be realized if not this life, but for lifetimes to come.

Murari Dasa Dasa
(Please read it)
Subject: article by Rupanuga das (ACBSP)

According to Srila Prabhupada-vani, “At present, this world is being managed by the raksasas. The raksasas are man-eaters who eat their own sons (p. 41 Raja-Vidhya),” and “At present, especially on this planet earth, the influence of Lord Brahma has decreased considerably, and the representatives of Hiranyakasipu—the Raksasas and demons –have taken charge. Therefore there is no protection of brahminical culture and cows, which are the basic prerequisites for all kinds of good fortune. This age is very dangerous because society is being managed by demons and Raksasas (SB 7.3.13, end of purport).”

Years ago, in college student days, having read a popular “underground” book, entitled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” which in essence indicated that the world was being controlled and manipulated by a few extremely wealthy and powerful families, and having later read the above quote in Srila Prabhupada’s Raja-vidya, two devotees approached Srila Prabhupada (circa 1974) at his quarters in Mayapur Dham. Some of the names mentioned in “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” were still very much influential in the world, and he was asked if the these were the raksasas he was referring to? Srila Prabhupada replied, “Yes.”

These raksasas are not passive. Their well-evolved matrix or infrastructure of control covers the whole planet and their minions are involved in every aspect of modern societies and nations, including political, scientific, legal,educational, economic, military, etc. –endeavors all around the world—aninternational, very deep state. Absolute control, mastership, over whatever they survey, is the goal of the raksasa agenda, at any cost, and their seemingly unlimited financial strength is a means to that end. “Now great regimes have been created to smash so many people for the satisfaction the raksasa’s senses.” And this smashing is coming in so many ways besides war, and it will come to that also, if what’s described below continues. The current global chaos is being revealed or unfolded as an epic story of karma and the laws of material nature.

Since the time of Lord Buddha, 2600 years ago, who appeared primarily to stop (ahimsa) cow killing in an India much greater in size than today, those slaughterhouses have now covered the globe. In addition, facilities have been constructed for billions of innocent land animals and sea creatures to be slaughtered annually. Over the centuries, the world has become a killing field. The free-will of human beings has brought all this about simply for the satisfaction of the human tongue. The propaganda that one must eat meat or flesh, including fish and eggs, in order to be strong and healthy, is contradicted in nature. The strongest animals on earth, namely the gorilla, the elephant, the hippopotamus and the giraffe are all vegetarians. (One video demonstrated how a giraffe easily kicked a pursuing lion high in the air!)

The killing field includes human abortions. It may be uncertain whether many human abortions are abortions of those who themselves caused abortions in the past, like parents or surgeons, who are getting their just karma. Undoubtedly, much karma is coming upon the people of the world for the millions upon millions of abortions each year.
But one thing is certain, the dairy cows and all the other animals and sea creatures being slaughtered every moment are innocent! It is not their karma. Dairy cows are meant to take birth in their next life as human beings in the mode of goodness. In Vedic culture, the cow and bull are considered one’s mother and father. And as Lord Chaitanya criticized the Kazi, “What is this religion that allows killing of the father and mother?” In a real sense, is not killing and eating such a father and mother cannibalism?

So much free-will killing of children and innocent creatures has not been sanctioned, what to speak of the many offenses to mother nature, in the name of progress and industrialization? It’s over, the karmic pay-back is here. The modes of material nature rule, and “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Devotees are in the karma and vikarma world, but not of it. During a lecture in Hawaii, 1/23/74, SB 11.16.26-30, Srila Prabhupada explained, “Trying to avoid offenses, that is namabhas. Namabhas means not actually pure name, but almost pure…In namabhas stage, not pure, marginal, between pure and offensive, there is mukti, you become mukta, liberated from material bondage.” (Ital. mine) This means beyond the control of the karmas which control the general population and pseudo devotees. He goes on to explain that such a sincere chanter, although sometimes a little mechanical, by force, still he is not a showbottle. This means such a devotee is beyond the pale of the present karmic interactions, actors and demands. He/she must use intelligence regarding one’s own health, as Srila Prabhupada said, “Duration of life is our most precious possession.”

Since raksasas are in control according to Srila Prabhupada, therefore, anything being promoted by those in charge of communications or programs as being for the greater good, well being, or benefit of anyone should simply be seen as the opposite of the truth. The Raksasas identified by His Divine Grace, are cannibals eating their own sons, and doubtless the sons of others when they ran out of their own. Policies implemented by these predators and their followers must be considered conspiracies. Research concerning the truthfulness or falsity of circumstances surrounding Covid-19 is correct, if it leads to exposure of the sinister agenda of the Rakasas. In other words, if the sinister agenda of the Raksasa’s operating principle is behind everything– according to Srila Prabhupada– then the world-wide implementation of inoculation is sinister, since nothing that extensive could be beyond Raksasa control. Common sense. Therefore, devotees are beyond any proposed universal obligation to accept inoculation. Never mind the claims of politicians and professionals who insist otherwise, because they are leaders blind to messages of Srila Prabhupada intended for everyone’s benefit.

The raksasas and their minions believe they are in control, but actually they themselves are under the control of the modes of material nature. They are behaving as expected, and simultaneously acting as delivery systems for global karma. In effect, there is a cleansing process going on world-wide to prepare or clear the path for Lord Caitanya’s Movement, in this year 534 Gaurabda, the Golden Age. At the same time, there is a “boiling of the milk” going forward within that Movement, a boiling which Srila Prabhupada began prior to his disappearance. As long as the slaughterhouses remain open, the cleansing and “culling” of the general population will continue. The “boiling of the milk” will also continue as needed. Hare Krishna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, the World Acarya.
Your servant, Rupanuga das, ACBSP.

Penny Parker
its been established that the ISKcon connection to WEF was through aa wealthy Indian industralists being a disciple or donor to one of these “gurus” and that wealthy Indian had friends who invited him to their wef meetings. Friend is Klaus Swabbs

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