Food Shortage Videos

Food Shortage Videos

Food Shortage Videos

By Scott Stephenson

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Ronald Coleman
Sounds like what Stalin did in the Ukraine. Starve the enemy into submission.

Stacey Journagan
Isn’t that interesting. Right after FAucI helps to develop a way to manage population control with the ( Covid) in China. Apparently, they’re planning on most of us not being here!

Christy Powers Mitchell
Just because destruction has been going on for many years, does not make it right. It is evil. My family farmed for centuries. And in the last century they were paid as well to Do what these people are sharing. It is not new that it has been destroyed, yet people are speaking out. Prep folks. I started prepping over 3 plus years ago.

Jerry Begay
why don’t you farmers have some backbone and stand up to the government!!!

Rick Gilhousen
They already told them if they don’t destroy the crops the government would spray it with agent orange if they did not do it them selves

Charles Johnson
If you read history it was in the 1950’s the government asked the grain farmers to plow so many acres under and get paid the same price if it had been harvest, this was on Wheat and Barley. I know because I was in the fields and asked why are we plowing the area today and was told it was a government order and not to plant anything there until next year. Nothing was planted there. Some farmers would plant other crops in those area’s. California Delta Brandon Island!

Gerry Lewis
I’ve suspected what we have experienced in the last few years has been part of a long range plan. What I don’t understand is why do “they” want it?

Marian Gadwell-Gunn
They r already having food shortages in other countries. Food is not being shipped & rotting.

Lu Ba
Part of the big plan of NWO and WEF.

David Partridge
And you don’t care. As long as government pays you. They are going to take your farms away and have all of us working on them. See you in the rice fields.

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