Flote Removed From Google Play Store

Flote Removed From Google Play Store

Flote Removed From Google Play Store

By Donna Hancock

Well folks, they finally caught up to us. Google has been threatening for months to remove our app from their store because we refuse to conform to their idea of “community standards”.

At Flote we believe we have our own community standards… that you as individuals are not only capable but also responsible for what you say and for what you read. We trust you to make your own decisions to, for example, consume adult material or express your political views, without the constant threat of running afoul of some arbitrary and ever-changing set of rules made up by people you don’t even know.

Anyway, so the long and short of it is that our app is no longer available in the Play Store and any previously installed version of the app on your phone will no longer be available. Instead we encourage you to use the web version of the app or to download our APK which is available at: https://flote.app/assets/downloads/flote.apk and install it to your phone directly.

We will soon be providing access to the APK through the F-Droid app which will help with the install process and to keep you up to date as we release new versions. You can learn more about F-Droid at: https://f-droid.org

We understand this is not ideal for members accustomed to using the Android app and apologize for this disruption but we strongly believe that your freedom to express yourself is more valuable than the convenience that will be lost. Furthermore, we encourage you to voice your opinions about big-tech censorship and the general weakening of public discourse that’s resulting from it in whatever manner you see fit by joining us at Flote.app.


Visit us at Flote.biz for company information and our regular news and blog posts, at FloteToken.com to learn about our crypto and NFT initiatives, at FloteNFT.com to participate in our recently launched Plank Owner NFT series and at FloteFest.com to learn more about how to attend our IRL events.

Original Source: https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/320092-2022-02-07-flote-removed-from-google-play-store.htm

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