Did You Know…You Can Cook an Egg to Hard Boiled – With Your Mobile Phone, in 65 Minutes!

Did You Know…You Can Cook an Egg to Hard Boiled – With Your Mobile Phone, in 65 Minutes!

Did You Know…You Can Cook an Egg to Hard Boiled – With Your Mobile Phone, in 65 Minutes!

By Nadia Krolikowski


You can cook an egg to hard boiled – with your mobile phone, in 65 minutes!


Ingredients & Tools:
– 1 egg
– 2 mobile phones

– Rest 2 mobile phones on either side of egg (both touching).

Set up a phone call between phone A and phone B.

Have the phone call last for 65mins.

After 65 minutes, the egg will be nicely cooked, and you can eat an electromagnetic radiation filled egg
NOTE: Please don’t eat egg!!

Or for less radiation – cook your egg in a microwave! As your microwave radiates at 2.4GHz and 5G is Licenced up to 300GHz

Yes, 300GHz, what they use for Military Crowd Control!

And yes, this has been legalised as safe in Australia

How to fry your children’s brains with a Mobile Phone.

Child and phone

Child uses phone for long periods of time (against ear)

Please don’t do this. Get non wireless head phones and Tesla’s phone tags

Scary Realisation:
Please invest in Tesla’s Phone Tags and put on your mobile phone, to keep your/their intelligence and spiritual capacity in tact!

Your Brain is too precious in this life – it is a big part of your creation tool..

Tesla’s phone tags turns the chaotic energy of the phone, so it is coherent with our bodies natural light field, as to not kill off our, or your child’s brain cells.

If you were to see the frequency waves with your eyes (before and after Tesla’s phone tags) – you would see them go from a jagged frequency band – to a smooth flowing frequency band with a change of colour from a chaotic dark red, to a pure blue colour.

Tesla’s phone tags and info below

Amd for those sick of the thousands of electromagnetic frequencies and radiations, polluting the energy of your home space (sacred space of rest, repair & creation) – time to get Tesla’s 5G House Kit!!
This is a once of Investment – that ensures your house stays of a high (uninterrupted frequency) , so you can get on with Manifesting Your Best Life and restoring your Natural State of Health!!

Tesla’s 5G House Kit Below:


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Omg I’m going to do it!

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Wow that’s crazy hey.

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Can we run as a story as is?

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