Delete Fakebook and Join Censor Free Social Media Platforms Such as Rumble, GAB and is the Message Loud and Clear by the Market

Delete Fakebook and Join Censor Free Social Media Platforms Such as Rumble, GAB and is the Message Loud and Clear by the Market

Delete Fakebook and Join Censor Free Social Media Platforms Such as Rumble, GAB and is the Message Loud and Clear by the Market

Delete Fakebook and join Censor free social media platforms such as Rumble, GAB and is the message loud and clear by the market.

The writing is on the wall.
If you censor people, you lose.
Facebook is in decline.
Elon Musk just settled on Twitter, to make it censor-free.
PayPal is woke, and soon to go broke, as PayPal alternatives are set to boom, such as TruthPay by the TruthGroup, which will also handle crypto.

The Globalist’s hand has been played and firmly rejected.
Go woke up, go broke.

Legacy social media, like legacy fake news mainstream media, is dying.
Because people don’t like to be told how to think and what they can and can’t say.

Investors are lining up to get into alternative social media companies such as Rumble and

They know where the trend is heading.

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30 Nov 22
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30 Nov 22
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