Bret Sommer-“This Is My Nephew’s Story, He Would Like People To Understand This Could Happen. Please Consider Your Decisions Carefully!”

Bret Sommer-“This Is My Nephew’s Story, He Would Like People To Understand This Could Happen. Please Consider Your Decisions Carefully!”

Bret Sommer-“This Is My Nephew’s Story, He Would Like People To Understand This Could Happen. Please Consider Your Decisions Carefully!”

By Bret Sommer

This is my nephews story, he would like people to understand this could happen. Please consider your decisions carefully!

David S. Blazevic
Anyone that knows me well can imagine what my usual stance on vaccination would be: “get it, you moron!” But what happens when you experience something so debilitating you’re forced to reconsider? Not just in regards to my own health, but the health of others, and essentially something that determines if society can return to a semblance of normal *dun dun dunn*?

Due to a childhood condition, I was among the first in Australia aged 18-30 to receive the Astra-Zeneca vaccine (or any vaccine for that matter). At the time, medical advice advised against it for anyone under 60, however, that rapidly changed over the following week, with the national cabinet split on what age group gets what and when and under what circumstances.

Although it was recommended I receive Pfizer, due to being part of that particular group at the time, receiving any vaccine took priority. So I got the Astra-Zeneca jab. I was told to expect a bit of a sore arm and maybe some aches and tiredness for a few days. If I felt uncomfortable, I should just take some ibuprofen.

About three hours later, I started to feel it. Flu like symptoms (without the flu) so intense I was genuinely concerned. A weight on my mind so heavy set in I could barely keep my eyes open. I quickly went to the hospital, and sat down to wait for a doctor.

I woke up three days later in my bed, at home. I had no idea how I got there. But I felt so ill and tired I didn’t care. I decided to rest and watch some TV. When I opened my eyes it was a Wednesday.

I rested my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them it was Friday night. I was surrounded by my own vomit. It had been 5 days since the vaccine. I was conscious for 5 hours of those 5 days. Living alone, and throwing up asleep worried me, so I went back to the hospital. They gave me fluids, checked my reflexes and told me “It’s a new vaccine, we don’t really know what affects it can have, we’ve never heard of this happening, just wait it out, it should pass.” They called it a hyper immune response.

I got home Saturday. Closed my eyes again, and boom… woke up three days later. It had been 9-10 days since the vaccine. I’d been awake maybe 16 hours in total during that time, hadn’t eaten, and wasn’t hungry. I didn’t even think about food.

During the first fortnight following the vaccine I was awake three full days out of 14. After that, the tiredness slowly abated and a sense of nausea, double vision and vertigo set in. I’d still sleep for 48 hours at least once a week.

Since then, I’ve gone from 85kgs to 68kg. I’ve been hospitalised four times. Constant nausea and seeing double is a reality I’ve had to get used to. It’s only beginning to slowly abate now. It set in 8-10 weeks ago.

No one, under any circumstances, could convince me to get a second jab, a different COVID-19 vaccine or a booster shot. Ever. 10 weeks feels like 10 months, and it’s been a nightmare.

Luckily, I am now exempt from ever being required to have it. How that’s going to work in a ‘required to be fully-vaccinated to do anything’ world confuses me. I wonder if I’ll be allowed to fly.

I shared this because I believe having all the information about something is important. What if I didn’t wake up when I did, surrounded by vomit? What if I wasn’t healthy enough when this started to survive weeks without food, and severe dehydration?

As more and more people my age get the A-Z jab, I really hope my case was super rare and this doesn’t happen to anyone else, but I seriously recommend holding out for a different vaccine. Fuck Astra-Zeneca. And honestly, from my experience, many front-line health practitioners know very little about these vaccines and have no idea what’s causing these symptoms.

As some symptoms began to worsen last week, my GP mused over whether or not it’s “some sort of flashback to just after the vaccine.” and the sad thing is, it’s so new and there’s so little data available compared to other medicines all they can really do is treat the symptoms not the cause.

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Stephanie Dunjey
That’s terrible.

Bret Sommer
Cass Smith Joseph Ellul Christine Michelle Jamie McIntyre Peter Diaz Kayla Lurssen Pauline Ryeland Pete Coman Michael Wolny Matt Whiteside please share this as farcebook is hiding my posts.

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