Biggest Lies We Were Taught in School!

Biggest Lies We Were Taught in School!

Biggest Lies We Were Taught in School!

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Scott Hadwin
In his book ‘The Descent of Man’ published in 1871, English naturalist Charles Darwin presented the idea that human beings and apes have a common ancestor. Contrary to common perception, which is most often stated by those that believe in mythical beings as a justification/ reason to try and devaluate science for gods etc. Darwin did not say that humans directly evolved from apes..
This has obviously been created by someone who doesn’t read books….

Glen Little
We come from the stars one day our creator will be back. But I think they be disappointed in how we have behaved and how we haven’t looked after this world.
But who knows the truth.

Aravind Narasimhan
Infact Newton’s mom used to shout at him when he was a boy, “Do you understand the gravity of the situation my boy? Don’t be playful and prepare for the exam that’s tomorrow “.
Thats how Newton came to know about gravity 🤪
It will be really embarrassing if this truth was presented to us in a text book , hence the apple tree story

Ernest Amoah
Darwin even base his theory on Natural selection…
According to Darwin an organism produce a great deal of offsprings among these ,there are variations
And in these there are competition among them..
So the organism that are able to use their particular structure survive and those who couldn’t use a particular structure died and later extinct…
Those who survived reproduce(NATURAL SELECTION ) and passed the gene or allele for such particular part to the next generation…
So in subsequent years all the offsprings will bear allele for such particular structure.

Jay Ladkoo
Superb reflection n cross examination of past theories, n assumption, always considered to be true. All the best

Ernest Amoah
So in the case of Humans,
There where already old fossils such as Australopicus afrensis,Australopicus Africanus,Australopicus sediba,Homo erectus etc
Along the line Homo sapien (Humans) elvolve , they outcompete the likes of A. Sediba,Homo erectus and other Homos and then survived, they reproduced and passed on their alleles to the subsequent generation and the rest of fossils OLDEST FOSSIL died and extinct.
That why Homo Sapien is the youngest fossil and Human population is the largest.

Mike Gump
Christians don’t believe in evolution… we know & trust in creation bcus evolution is a science theory like most of science…

Jave Timdor Omecates
In Philippines there is one and very very disgusting lecture. A hero that should not be a hero and his name is no other than Ninoy Aquino!

Mahendra Pariyar
Can history be also written and told lie and the power played game of thrones and one real truth is Buddha and his teaching were the real thing because his palace is still visible and can be visited in Lumbini at Nepal the oldest palace on earth my body is my dharma in nature Jay Lumbini

Ozgur Cil
Never believed in Darwin’s theory. All I could say to people who believe in his theory is that. It’s your own belief. If you believe your ancestors came from a monkey it’s your own. But my ancestors came from humans.

Gil Chan
School always teach us half lie and half truth so one day you will also live your life and do the same..

Robert Wood
stories like the bible and history books very few if any truth in them , you can give your bias opinion , but do you not need to debate them with others who don,, t agree with then then a honest decision can be reach , your just giving your opinion on the events , no facts , so. times it is helpfull to had a bit of artistic liecence to help explian the information

Byron Fisher
This Christian does believe in evolution as a process of creation. So long as it is held that God is the first cause of the universe.

Marni Fedoruk
North America was discovered by paleo-asiatics well over 10 millennia ago

D K Sharma
It is well known that history is created to epitomize people after they become known in the society. History is ideally HIS STORY who authors it.

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