America Has Lost Its Oil Buffer

America Has Lost Its Oil Buffer

America Has Lost Its Oil Buffer

By Sputnik

The US has lost its oil buffer, writes the WSJ.

The strategic oil reserve is at a historically low level.

“Prepare to strike: the US is running out of airbag reserved for oil shocks.”

On March 31, Biden ordered the release of about 180 million barrels — one million per day for six months. Since then, the state’s reserve has shrunk to about 427 million barrels — the lowest level since 1984.

According to experts of the publication, Washington took the decision to empty the strategic reserve as a reaction to the expected drop in Russian oil exports. However, its supplies have decreased not by 3 million barrels per day, as predicted by the International Energy Agency, but by only 400-450 thousand barrels compared to the period before the start of the SVO.

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