A Tribute to Dr Rashid Buttar

A Tribute to Dr Rashid Buttar

A Tribute to Dr. Rashid Butter

By Gareth Icke

A short tribute put together by @WTAFRich RIP Dr. Rashid Butter.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Cat Watters
Been Gaslit for saying this since age 6 in 1970! CHILDREN have been the most dangerous! Their Healthy adverse responses have been telling the truth and being pathologized for it for decades! People have not heeded their warnings. They didn’t count. They’re just kids!

Barbara Kuks
So very sorry to hear of Dr Rashid’s passing. He was a brave courageous warrior for truth. Praying for his family.

Bless him and people like him for risking it all and speaking up. Such a shame that nobody fights for our kids/future generations anymore. We’ve become such wimps. The more rise the less likely they’ll try to shut us up.

Moriah Lukacs
Thank you for this Gareth and Ikonic team. I watched perhaps his last interview today with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. Their discussion swayed to a more theological theme, and I feel assured that Dr. Buttar is happy to be home. We will miss him!

Anu Johanna #KBF
His five gee series was fantastic. I recommend everyone watch it if it’s still available. Such a big loss. He was fantastic.

Brady Tallant
This is beyond coincidence for him to die after voicing such Profound Information. RIP


Original source: https://twitter.com/garethicke/status/1660386209812697089

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