Why This Disease Causes Strange Fibers To Grow From Skin

Why This Disease Causes Strange Fibers To Grow From Skin

Why This Disease Causes Strange Fibers To Grow From Skin

By London Times

Morgellons Disease is characterized by doctors as a rare disorder where fibers and sores grow from unbroken skin.

In 2008, Inside Edition met with a group of people who suffer with the rare disorder, and they explained the pain and strange sensations they feel as a result of it. They also showed the fibers that grow from their bodies.

Here’s what others had to say:

no bye
No doctor should laugh at a patients suffering,ever.

run those fibers through a mass spectrometer ? whats the chemical composition ?

Green Acres
CDC has put a ban on researching this as they know exactly what it is, and don’t what it investigated. Most doctors won’t look at through cdc fear

Crystal Kittycat
This is really sad, I don’t know why those doctors think this is not a disease.

Daniel Lastname
Omg those poor people being told their crazy for having an actual condition 😥

Morgellons is strongly correlated with Lyme and Bartinella infections.

Whilly Silly
“have you ever found a fiber that couldn’t burn?” Him: no
That sounds sketchy like alien technology

Normal for Drs. If they see something they can’t explain their ego won’t allow them to admit they have no clue, so they say the person is lying.

Morgellans isn’t new but it’s sad that doctors aren’t taking it seriously. I’d love to see the findings on this one. Bizarre diseases fascinate me.

Jane Cecelia
Many years ago I read an article in a National Geographic about some Japanese people growing cotton balls under their skin. It’s always fascinated me but I never heard it mentioned again until now. I tried researching the condition and even went to the National Geographic archives but couldn’t find it, possibly because either I forgot the name of the condition or there wasn’t a name for it back then. Then I thought I must have imagined the whole thing. Or that the NG had pulled an April Fool’s Day trick, though that seemed hardly likely. I don’t even remember if it was an April issue. Over the years I’ve talked about this condition to others and have always received an incredulous response. I’m sure this is the same condition.

Original Source: https://www.londontimes.live/health/why-this-disease-causes-strange-fibers-to-grow-from-skin/

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