WARNING: “Global Pandemic Centres” INCOMING: Blueprint for Endless Pandemics RELEASED, Biden Executive Order Furthers Transhumanism

WARNING: “Global Pandemic Centres” INCOMING: Blueprint for Endless Pandemics RELEASED, Biden Executive Order Furthers Transhumanism

WARNING: “Global Pandemic Centres” INCOMING: Blueprint for Endless Pandemics RELEASED, Biden Executive Order Furthers Transhumanism

By Stew Peters

We know for a FACT that the COVID19 pandemic was planned. Now we have documentary proof that future pandemics are already in the making in Australia.


Original source: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/09/warning-global-pandemic-centres-incoming-blueprint-for-endless-pandemics-released-biden-executive-order-furthers-transhumanism/ref/6/

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