Victor Lindelof ‘Struggling To Breathe’ Pointing to Chest Worrying Scene Man United vs Norwich

Victor Lindelof ‘Struggling To Breathe’ Pointing to Chest Worrying Scene Man United vs Norwich

Victor Lindelof ‘Struggling To Breathe’ Pointing to Chest Worrying Scene Man United vs Norwich

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Victor Lindelof? Man Utd defender was ‘struggling to breathe’ after being forced off in win over Norwich

Victor Lindelof update after suffering breathing difficulties

Victor Lindelof Man Utd defender ‘struggling to breathe’ Pointing to chest worrying scene Vs Norwich

The defender dropped down in discomfort and had his hand on his chest when United medics rushed onto the pitch.

After a few minutes, Lindelof, 27, was taken off the pitch and replaced by Eric Bailly.

Up until that point, the Swedish international had helped United in keeping a clean sheet at the back with captain Harry Maguire, 28.

Speaking about his team-mate having to be substituted, Maguire said after the 1-0 win: “He’s in the changing room. He felt a bit of discomfort.

His manager Ralf Rangnick added: “He was struggling to breathe and had pains on his chest. They did all the tests and he seems to be OK.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Another one with Jib Jab heart injuries. They are now dropping like flies in many sports arenas. With over 60 X the normal rate of heart problems.

Buena Vida
does anyone have footage of the alleged collision that supposedly originated this chest pain?

bing bing bong
The only way he’s going to play football now is on fifa he can thank the jab for that and the funny thing is he can’t sue any pharmaceutical companies.

Blair M
‘He had a collision…’, like 10 minutes earlier. Prolly the first time he’s ever had a collision…NO chance this had anything to do with the jab…remember and repeat: It. Was. A. Collision. Stop laughing!

Mi musica del instante
You all know what them governorulers fear most. All of us united against authoritarian jabness.

Football teams and players should speak up about whats going on …one hundred and eight fifa registered players at least have died in the last six months alone. What team or players have the balls to speak up? Where is the honor? Are people going to wait until they make our kids have it too??… Of course it”s all just a ‘coincidence’ …well if you are a sheep you might think that.

Flat earth
A sign of the end times (mens hearts will fail them)

King Me
The “safe” jab strikes again

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