VAERS Shows Death by Lot Number! Particular States Have Certain Vials!

VAERS Shows Death by Lot Number! Particular States Have Certain Vials!

VAERS Shows Death by Lot Number! Particular States Have Certain Vials!

By Australian National Review

If you are paying full attention to the C-19 vaccine side effects, then you know about the VAERS system that the CDC uses.

It’s a system where the data show the side effects of the vaccines. Everything that is linked with the vaccines can be reported there. Nurses, doctors, patients can report the side effects.

Now, the latest discoveries are made with the VAERS data. The newest analysis from the Daily Expose shows that all the deaths from the C-10 vaccine, 100% come from only 5% of vaccine batches, and in that group, a handful of vaccine batches have more deaths and side effects than the rest.

Take a look at the video below.


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