UK Resident Who Lost a Friend to the BS 19 Vaxx Comes Up With a Good Idea

UK Resident Who Lost a Friend to the BS 19 Vaxx Comes Up With a Good Idea

UK Resident Who Lost a Friend to the BS 19 Vaxx Comes Up With a Good Idea

By London Times

I’m in the UK. For the past 18 months, I’ve been trying to tell my good friend, who is 78 years old, that this whole debacle is a scam. He refused to listen and got double poked. In my last conversation with him, I was desperately trying to talk him out of the 3rd poke!

He is now in hospital on the Hyper Critical Unit with brain damage following a stroke.
He may pull through, maybe not. He is paralysed and blind on one side, which may or may not improve if he survives.

I had the idea that we need to mark these events, which will now begin to increase rapidly, with a public but passive display. My idea is a simple homemade black armband for EVERYBODY to wear who has lost a loved one, friend, colleague from the poke. This would help us to identify those who know what is going on, and the “normies” will begin to wonder why so many are wearing them, and it would be impossible to ignore as the numbers escalate. WE DON’T NEED TO SAY A WORD. THEY WEAR THEIR MASKS – WE WEAR OUR ARMBAND OF SORROW.

If you think this is a good idea, could you please help me to get the message out?

At the moment we are invisible – we can’t recognise our fellow travelers, we can’t speak to people about what is happening, we are ghosts in our own society. An armband would perhaps be a powerful way of creating solidarity, and a way to voice dissent that cannot be forbidden or made illegal.

I dare the mainstream media to interpret a simple sign of mourning as radical or controversial!

I am 69 years old, and am unable to walk well. But I thought this is a way I can do something.  I’m going to send this email to a number of other people in this country, the US, Australia, etc. to see what the response is.

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