TPC #709: Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Pierre Kory (C0V-19 Predictions & World Economic Forum)

TPC #709: Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Pierre Kory (C0V-19 Predictions & World Economic Forum)

TPC #709: Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Pierre Kory (C0V-19 Predictions & World Economic Forum)

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TPC #709 is with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, and Dr. Pierre Kory, ICU expert and leading force behind the FLCCC Alliance.

Here’s what others had to say:

Thank you for this podcast. I’m always so happy to hear from these doctors. Thank you for fighting for us!

Wonderful photo… It’s great to see these guys smiling after all the crap they’ve been put through.

Man, what a humble man with an incredibly gifted mind Dr. Malone is!

In response to what DR Corey stated at the very end about the cost of insurance going up. I thought about that too. Here is my point on that subject. Three years ago, when I was 73 years old, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I went to my urologists to discuss what should be done. They gave be a long list of questions on paper and I answered them. They didn’t tell me that this was a scored test. Your treatment depended on how you scored on the test and then they asked if I was a veteran and how I spent my time. (Is this dude worth saving?) I got the robot surgery and it worked fine so far. Last week I received in the mail a similar questionnaire concerning my experiences since surgery. This was scored with 60 being the worse score. I think they are deciding what do I have further problems. I scored a 9. Point being: From now on every time you go for medical treatment you will be tested, and my advice is not to tell every little minor thing you have experienced. This is nothing new. When I turned 70, I noticed a definite change in my doctor’s attitude. That was a little scary. My message is be prepared the next time you go to the doctor because if you have had the jab you are put on the shift list.

THERE IS NO EMERGENCY ANYMORE! I don’t understand how the government, its agencies and the medical/ healthcare system continue to get away with pushing covid-19 vaccines when evidence clearly indicates they are ineffective and dangerous; the risk of death or serious injury from the vaccines is greater than the risk of infection from the covid-19 viral variants. And that doesn’t even take into consideration that we have zero insight into the long-term consequences of this experimental biological agent. What is the matter with people that they are still buying into this nightmare? This is absolutlely crazy making!

I’m worried about the number of orphans that will be left behind if the vaccine results in a die off.

Who “fixes” or clears out the Health Dept???? Who, or what group, agency, political team takes on this reconstruction!!? Who can be trusted?

The government or any organization like UN, WEF etc should all be considered guilty until they can prove themselves not-guilty, unlike humans where the opposite standard is applied.

We have to speak the truth courageously. And never silence the truth -ever.. about the dangers of this kind of abuse and atrocities against mankind.

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