‘Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity’ – With Special Guest Sen. Rand Paul

‘Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity’ – With Special Guest Sen. Rand Paul

‘Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity’ – With Special Guest Sen. Rand Paul

By Ron Paul Liberty Report


Exclusive! Senator Rand Paul joins the Liberty Report to discuss the massive errors – driven by arrogance – committed by White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci’s insistence on ignoring natural immunity and his refusal to consider therapeutics have cost thousands and thousands of lives! And here’s a bombshell you’ll only here in today’s Liberty Report: Sen. Paul’s shocking explanation of why the coming mid-term elections will be Fauci’s worst nightmare!

Here’s what others had to say:

Jason C. Tillmann
Thank you for a rational discussion concerning our current situation. It is refreshing to hear some sanity amidst the hype and fear mongering.

This episode with father and son was fantastic! May God bless the Pauls.

Gypsy Magic
“The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science. It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity.”

Corey Chambers
Both Ron and Rand are among our few noble, honest American doctors who champion freedom and truthfulness.

Brewster Shopping
The two best living politicians this country has! God Bless Them Both! I love you guys!

What a special Christmas treat this was. Thanks to both of you for all you do for freedom!

Patricia Ocio
What a great show! Such a treat to listen to Rand and Dr Paul, thank you for everything you do. Sometimes it may look like a losing battle but the message of freedom is alive and well and spreading like wildfire thanks to you!!!

I’m a doctor and I love how half of congress quickly jumped call Dr. Paul and Dr. Paul anti-science anti-vaxxers only for Fauci to be repeatedly proven wrong.

Nick Gore
Interesting hearing this father and son duo discuss some of these issues. I do wish they would have discussed warp speed and the damage caused by government granting zero liability and paying for the vaccines. I’m curious as to the position that Rand is in, now is really not a time to be making excuses for Trump or Fauci or defending this failure of a “vaccine”. That being said, I love the way Ron speaks. He’s very up front, clear on where he’s coming from, and doesn’t come off like a politician, he never has.

Steve MT
I very much enjoyed seeing both Ron and Rand together. I wish such father-son public meetings would occur more often.

These two, and this program, both feature “critical thinking” in our decision making process. Oh what a world it would be should this prove to be contagious.

Sir Zorg
As someone who has ACTUALLY studied science, I don’t claim to represent science, I only claim to represent my educated OPINION about science, which is usually wrong.

Original source: https://youtu.be/hpkVxD661y0

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