This Is in the Vaxx – The Undying Hydra: A Mini-Monster That Clones Itself. Has Neurotoxins?

This Is in the Vaxx – The Undying Hydra: A Mini-Monster That Clones Itself. Has Neurotoxins?

This Is in the Vaxx – The Undying Hydra: A Mini-Monster That Clones Itself. Has Neurotoxins?

By Australian National Review

Is this nasty thing eating away at peoples nervous system? Read on—Hydra vulgaris, the fresh-water polyp, is a small animal freshwater hydroid with length from 10mm to 30mm and width about 1 mm. The hydra have four to twelve tentacles that protrude from just outside the mouth. They feed by extending their tentacles and waiting for food to touch the tentacles. They then bring the food to their mouth, ingest and digest the organism. Anything that cannot be digested is egested. Ingestion and egestion occur through the mouth.

Like other hydras, Hydra vulgaris cling to a base object with a “foot” pad, shaped like a disk. The Hydra moves by releasing its grip on its base and is carried away by the current. H. vulgaris can also move by bending over, grabbing a surface with its tentacles, releasing its grip with its “foot” and flipping over itself.

H. vulgaris is often used, like many hydra, as a model organism for morphallactic regeneration because they are easy to care for, requiring minimal direct care, and reproduce relatively quickly. It is reported that they do not undergo senescence, making them biologically immortal.

This species can reproduce in three ways: sexual reproduction, budding, and indirectly through regeneration. The evidence of intelligent self-assembly of nanotechnology and intelligent filament-movement is an indicator of synthetic biology and nanobioelectronics, as per several scientific papers published in various journals, and points to the stealth inclusion of Graphene Oxide in the Moderna vaccine for electromagnetic manipulation of cells and neurons via the creation of synthetic neural networks in the human body and brain. This is a clear sign of malfeasance and intended transhumanizing and cyborgizing of the human body through the COVID vaccines.

It must be remembered that both Pfizer and Moderna developed the Transhumanist mRNA vaccines for DARPA, on DARPA contracts from 2013. Pfizer and Moderna’s military connections as well as the mRNA connections with DARPA’s Regina Dugan now directing the Wellcome LEAP ventures and DARPA’s Dan Wattendorf now at the Gates Foundation were discussed here earlier. DARPA’s “Pandemic Prevention Platforms” and ADEPT diagnostic and monitoring platforms are based on bioengineering, gene manipulation, and synthetic biology. These human-takeover programs envision an infinite future of mRNA vaccines and external control of the human body and brain, which Graphene Oxide would permit.

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