There Will Be No “Back to Normal” Once There Is Mass Civil Experimental Injection

There Will Be No “Back to Normal” Once There Is Mass Civil Experimental Injection

There Will Be No “Back to Normal” Once There Is Mass Civil Experimental Injection

By Anthony Golle

If you don’t want it – regardless of your own reasons – don’t do it – period.

There will be no “back to normal” once there is mass civil experimental injection.

A mandate is simply an offer to contract. Two parties must be in agreement. If you don’t agree – don’t be persuaded, coerced, peer pressured or bullied.

Your informed consent is still required.

Which at this point is impossible because there is no “informed” part – but people are certainly giving their consent.

And if you do want it – that is awesome too. I believe that if it makes you feel safe and protected then that is a great choice for you.
But if you believe wholeheartedly that for you to be safe and protected, I must partake in the experiment too …
I welcome you to show me the evidence that the experimental injection reduces infection or transmission rates and not merely the severity of symptoms of a largely asymptomatic flu.

And if you are making an informed decision to put these into your children … don’t break the #1 rule. Know what is in it. I don’t mean the glossy brochure. I mean the full ingredients list and look up every “side” effect (there is no such thing as side effects … there are just effects).

The man on the TV does NOT have your best interest and highest health at heart. The one telling you to trust the doctors and the science.

Doctor’s globally including former heads from the same companies supplying these are publically voicing their concerns for the make up of these experiments as well as the already prolific adverse events occurring.
The slander campaign right now is trying to make anyone questioning the narrative a “moron” or from “another universe” instead of providing the evidence we are all asking for. You know when they are resorting to name calling … there’s nothing to support their claims.

“Health minister Hazzard” said that there is only one solution – to get jabbed. How he can blantantly stand their and lie to Australians – when it is known that ivermectin has been found not only to be safe and effective but also approved for use in this country.

My posts are not for those who already believe either way. My posts are for the people who are in between – with feelings in their heart and gut that this doesn’t add up – but are being pressured and bullied by the system to think they are stupid for not complying.
Yes … I risk my account being shut down with every post on a platform that is the livelihood of our business.

But if these messages land on 1 set of eyes and ears that can make a difference it is worth it


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