The Twelve Doses Of Christmas!

The Twelve Doses Of Christmas!

The Twelve Doses Of Christmas!

By The Angry Albertan

Here’s what others had to say:

Maureen & Bill
Well done. That was not easy to sing – very impressive!

Mike Me Up
This is fantastic!! Great work. Have a great Christmas holidays.

DeeAnn Ray
FANTASTIC!! That was HARD to sing! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!! I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED this! Way to GO! – Susan Burns

Shirley Hertlein
Love it. So well done. It’s excellent to make a point of view in such a musical, enjoyable manner.

Granny Good-Law
The wicked HATE to be mocked. Keep it up!!!

Frei Heit
Ain’t it the truth. Wonderful job!

Trisha Livingston
Fantasitc… WOW… this song took some practising. Excellent and TOTALLY ACCURATE. TY … it’s brilliant! Merry Maskless Christmas with lots of hugs and NO social distancing!

Great lyrics and performance!

Shared it so much I made the social media platforms smoke lol! loved it! I am sure it wakes more people up. Each one we wake is one more we saved. Many blessings!

live life
Best version I’ve heard. Hope it hits with the message. Happy Xmas.

William Mallinson
Superb! Creative! Thank goodness that the Monty Python spirit still exists!

Sigma Centauri
Laugh to not cry. Say a prayer for the folks who are experiencing the side effects they sing of…

Adam Dover
Glad the guy singing got screen time finally at the end lol. I think everyone was using him as their placeholder

Love the bouncing sing-along co-co viru$. GREAT JOB!!

Very difficult song, well sung! But, I have to wonder, what are chilblain like lesions?! lol
The rest rings true anyway. Merry Christmas.

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