The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry of Testing

The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry of Testing

The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry of Testing

By Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

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Goes to show this isn’t about health. We could start housing people with that money. Or cleaning up water in places with lead pipes.
What’s the point in testing anyway ? What difference does it make? Sick? Stay home. I just plain don’t get it. I wouldn’t test for any reason. Makes no sense to me.

Happy to say I’ve never taken one

Add it to the taxpayers’ tab! 😂

Conflicts of interest are relevant

And there it is…the reason our government and unelected bureaucrats are pushing all the vaccines and testing.

Which is why I’ve had exactly zero tests…well one reason anyway. Happy not to contribute to THAT machine.

Imagine what could’ve been done with that money 🙃

Yes! I took a still shot of this when I watch yesterday’s show and have already shared! So important for people to know!!! Thank you for your work!!!!!

more waste

Damn, almost as bad as all that “necessary defense spending” and “global military assistance” we’ve been pork-barreling for the last 80+ years… Happy early Festivus.

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