The Global Health Organisation warns that 1 Billion people could be injured, and 10–100 Million Deaths, from the COVID Vaccines within 36 Months

The Global Health Organisation warns that 1 Billion people could be injured, and 10–100 Million Deaths, from the COVID Vaccines within 36 Months

The Global Health Organisation warns that 1 Billion people could be injured, and 10–100 Million Deaths, from the COVID Vaccines within 36 Months

By CNBS News

The Global Health Organisation warns, that 1 billion could be injured,and 10-100 million deaths,from the Covid vaccines,within 36 months, in a chilling press release.

The Global Health Organisation Press Release stated,

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), we believe are deliberately hiding the real Covid vaccine death and injuries, and aren’t disclosing clear conflicts of interest.

Even putting aside such significant allegations, the GHO know, that Harvard Studies have shown for some time, that as little as 1% of vaccine deaths ,and injuries ever get reported to VAERS, (the CDC reporting system to track such occurrences.)

There is as of July 2021, over 50,000 recorded Global Deaths, from the Covid vaccines, and 5 million injuries (over 50% serious).

It is best to be conservative and not estimate the potential 100 times, which may in fact be accurate.

However,by being extremely conservative, the GHO estimates that there are already over 500,000 Covid vaccine deaths and over 50 million injuries (half-serious). Possibly way more and growing daily.

“The daily data we assess, and when extrapolated over a time period of 36 months, based on almost 4 billion individuals vaccinated against Covid already.

Plus factoring in over 43 million per day being vaccinated, according to WHO, that this means the world is facing,possibly its greatest humanitarian disaster, and all self-induced (from a total overreaction to what has become a rather non-lethal Covid virus in comparison to serious health threats.)

GHO, conservatively estimates that within 36 months, the world will be faced with 10 – 100 million Covid vaccine deaths,and over 250 million, to 1 billion injuries. ( half of them would be classified as serious).

As the medium and long-term adverse reactions are still unknown, the world must prepare for figures potentially much larger than this, especially as despite Covid vaccines having caused more death and injury already, than all vaccines in the entire human history.
They have, and are being pushed even more aggressively, despite the high death and injury rate.

This must be questioned that why after just 25 forcible vaccination deaths, after the 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic the vaccination program was ended, yet the Covid program has continued to kill and injure, yet little to no mainstream calls to stop it.

The collapse of the entire Global Medical system is possible and despite this, there is still more and more media-driven fear to push the ineffective and rushed to market vaccines (that mostly skipped animal testing) harder.

It is important to note.

This has been caused by a Global Medical Experiment that was never necessary, has proven to be ineffective, was rushed to market, and not properly tested.

And despite thousands of Doctors and Scientists being opposed to such dangerous measures.

Alternative treatments with little to no side effects were banned, and all for a Covid pandemic, which after the inflated and wrongly added deaths are removed, being according to the CDC, 94%, leaves a death total of approx. 350,000.

This does not appear to be a pandemic under any circumstances.

The Global Health Organisation, states very strongly that this Global Medical Experiment must be ceased immediately, and the conflicts of interest between WHO, and the vaccine makers, are urgently placed under immediate and thorough investigation.

A detailed 75-page report on Covid and the failings of WHO can be downloaded at the report stated.

Both Bill Gates, WHO and Fauci, are under fire by many who claim the pandemic appears to be more likely a planned plandemic. One that has profited them, and vaccine makers, at the expense of public health, said one critic of WHO.

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