Situation Update, Feb 17, 2022 – Canadian Bank Runs Begin + CDC Admits C0VID Test Swabs Were Genetically Scanned

Situation Update, Feb 17, 2022 – Canadian Bank Runs Begin + CDC Admits C0VID Test Swabs Were Genetically Scanned

Situation Update, Feb 17, 2022 – Canadian Bank Runs Begin + CDC Admits C0VID Test Swabs Were Genetically Scanned

By Health Ranger Report

Thanks to the tyrannical actions of Chrystia Freeland — a Davos group devotee and the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada — the people of Canada are now rapidly withdrawing their funds from Canada’s largest banks. Two days ago, Freeland announced that Canada’s financial terrorism laws would be expanded to seize all funds — bank accounts, crypto, crowdfunding hubs, etc. — belonging to individuals who supported the peaceful convoy trucker protest… even if that person merely donated $10 to the convoy.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Joy C
That’s what the leader of Canada is to do. Both leaders follow Soros, believe in his philosophy. Further, the queen backs him. You may be up on all that.

Paul Beatty


We no longer live in a high trust society ruled by law and order. The social contract has been broken, so you are under no obligation to fight fair anymore. Take the gloves off and start fighting dirty.

Tyrants say they follow the SCIENCE, but they lIE!!!
#Justin stop embaressing yourself, the Truckers will not move and you are incapable! With 16% approval rating he even beat Poopy Biden’s terrible approval! When your are guilty of committing crimes against your people, a severe paranoia and fear over takes that person, this is the case with #Justin, he sees fear everywhere, and his reactions with war measures act confirms he is suffering from delusional paranoia! Not fit to lead, the #GovernorGeneral must dissolve parliament! Canadian trucker Jan Groen joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act to cut off funding to the trucker protests. #FoxNews GO TRUCKERS!

Dear Governor General #GovernorGeneral #HerExcellencyMarySimon The recent events with our PrimeMinister , his actions, his comments of un acceptable Canadians, do we tolerate these canadians, and a recent Poll showing he has less than 16% support, Prima Facia makes him Illegitimate, I appeal to you your Honor, to please endorse a non confidence vote, or better, dissolve Parliament, our PM has become an International embarrassment, and he has followed the flawed protocols of Mr Fauci, who has been now proven to have lied about the Wuhan Lab leak, then covered it up, forced vaccines that have injured thousands, suppressed life saving therapeutics like Ivermectin, which he knew from exposed emails, that it was effective against COVID since 2005, Our PM instead of apologizing for the results of Faucis wrong recommendations, which he followed with best intent, continues to act like a fascist dictator, this is not acceptable, I respectfully request, you use the authority of your office and protect us from a delusional Justin Trudeau, with deepest respect, please help us!

There’s a critical component to the terrorism in both Canada and Australia…the QUEEN MOTHER.
With one Swift wave of her royal hand she could put a *STOP* to ALL of this abusive tyranny. Surely she’s aware of the conditions in these two nation’s?!

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