Reading Mainstream Media Get Smashed In Facebook Comments Is Enjoyable

Reading Mainstream Media Get Smashed In Facebook Comments Is Enjoyable

Reading Mainstream Media Get Smashed In Facebook Comments Is Enjoyable

By Sky News Australia

Moderna are working on a booster vaccine that is expected to be ready as soon as early next year to protect against Omicron and other future strains.

Less than one day after casting doubt against the effectiveness of current vaccines on the new Omicron variant, Moderna suggest they could have a booster jab ready to protect against the South African strain and future mutations by March.

Moderna President Stephen Hoge believes the way to combat vaccine efficacy concerns of others variants down the track is by creating a shot that specifically targets mutations of the Omicron variant.

The program has already begun with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology company also working on a multivalent vaccine that would include four different variants including Omicron.

“The Omicron-specific boosters, just realistically, are not before March and maybe more in the second quarter,” Mr Hoge told Reuters.

He anticipated there would be an “impact” of vaccine effectiveness on the new coronavirus strain as scientists and experts around the world try to determine the severity and how much protection current vaccines provide.

“The mutations that had previously led to the biggest drops in efficacy were seen in Delta and Beta. And all of those mutations have shown up in Omicron,” Mr Hoge said.

“And so the question is, are we going to see some cross multiple of the two? I think its that last scenario that has most people concerned.”

While he raised concerns, he still believes current vaccines will “slow it down, if not, completely stop the Omicron variant”.

Only one day earlier, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said they needed to wait for more data but casted doubt on whether the efficacy of previous vaccines would be on the “same level” for the Omicron variant.

“There is no world, I think, where [the effectiveness] is the same level… we had with Delta,” he told the Financial Times.

“I think it’s going to be a material drop. I just don’t know how much because we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to are like, ‘This is not going to be good’.”

Mr Bancel’s comments contrast differently to other biotechnology companies who remain positive their vaccines would be enough to protect billions of people.

A director of Pfizer and former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, was confident two jabs and a booster shot would safeguard against B.1.1.529.

“There’s a reasonable degree of confidence in vaccine circles that at least three doses… the patient is going to have fairly good protection against this variant,” he said on CNBC.

BioNTech has reportedly also begun analysing the Pfizer vaccine it developed to see if any changes will need to be made.

“We expect more data from the laboratory test in two weeks at the latest,” a BioNTech spokeswoman told Reuters.

“These data will provide more information about whether B.1.1.529 could be an escape variant that may require an adjustment of our vaccine if the variant spreads globally.”

She added plans were put in place months ago to allow the vaccine to be adapted within six weeks and shipped out across the world within 100 days if necessary.

The World Health Organisation has warned the global risk from the new variant is “very high” as scientists scramble to find as much information on the strain as they can.

The likelihood of further infection to spread around the world is “high”.

The three main concerns are how transmissible the Omicron variant is, how well vaccines protect against the infection, transmission, clinical disease of different degrees of severity and death and does the strain present with a different severity profile.

There are now seven Omicron cases reported in Australia – six in New South Wales and one in the Northern Territory – with a woman in her 30s and a an in his 40s infectious while in the community in western and southwest Sydney and the Central Coast.

Here’s what others had to say:

Michael Green
Moderna has only attempted 10 times to get various products to market, 9 of those failed during the animal testing. The single Moderna product to make it to market is their vaccine, that, convieniently got to skip animal trials because of an EUA ( Emergency use Authorization)

Paul White
I love the honesty of the folk on this thread, it is obvious so many of us think we are being criminally done over.
It’s time to put those thoughts into actions.
No more jabs for anyone however many you’ve had thus far.
Keep talking…keep advising…and keep believing in the human race. We can beat this global medical tyranny. Just by saying NO. And NO again.
Humanity will prevail. Good ALWAYS wins over evil.

Mel Howlett
Why a booster for a slight cold with mild symptoms if that ? This honestly doesn’t make any sense. For a virus with more than a 98% recovery rate – it’s not ebola for God’s sake – The sky is falling , the sky is falling.

Kenneth Gibson
Why are we hell bent on using medication that doesn’t work yet we ban ones that have been proven to work in other countries?

Helz Belz
How do they know what the “other future strains” are going to be? Oh that’s right Bill or Tony told them. All good!

Chris Alifragis
Love how Australia pushes vaccines that are banned in other countries YET a vaccine that is made in Australia and the safest of all is NOT allowed to be given to Aussies and they export it to Iran!!
And best of all people line up to get it!!

Céline Fedronie
A new variant every 6 months and a new vaccine every 6 monts! Let’s go little sheeps, let’s all get an injection every time they say we have to!

John Krez
Oh great news. Are people aware that Moderna is banned in several EU countries? Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Ross Conwell
Each variant is weaker than the previous – so forget the next 20 Booster shots – I’m not taking a vaccine for no fn reason when my body will dismiss it on its own

Felixthekat Payne
Depopulation agenda 21

Stephen Walker
Great business model, these big pharma guys use.

Gerry Murphy
Just Google how much these big pharma companies were fined recently for falsifying how effective their products are!

Reggy Keast
So will this one have trials and testing done, or just bang it out and hope for the best like the ones not working already.

Fiona Derrick
Amazing that.. can’t cure cancer, but we can come up with a vaccine at a moments notice. Apparently there’s no cure for stupidity either.

Barney Bird
Protects against the mild Omicon strain and others not yet discovered.

Jewels Lynch
How do they know it will be effective for other variants??? If they could predict that future possibility wouldn’t the ones everyone’s already had still be working?

David Hong
This strain has all the side effects from the jabbs.

Ty Adam Montgomery
So the unvaxxed should wait till March? Since the current available options do not cover omicron?

Jennie Tenene
Oh good grief. So do they have a supermarket of Jabs. I mean honestly how dumb does the elite and govt think we are.

Sophia Be
Heard it all before. Cannot protect against future strains as they are always changing, unless someone knows what those future strains are…

Mark Rowan
So this mean soon 2 dose vaccine will mean nothing and you be classed as unvaccinate if you dont get bosters and you loss freedom again or job

Mark Smith
This is the biggest scientific scam the world has ever seen…As the Nazi propaganda minister once said..if you tell a lie. it has to be massive as to make the people believe it cannot be..COVID19 nothing to with your health all about Government control and Big Pharmaceuticals making Billions…

Philip Melton
How can a vaccine for a variant that might or might not develop in 2023 or 2025 or 2030 be ready by March 2022 unless they know something we don’t. Who other than the WHO would trust Moderna, Pfizer, J&J or other Big Pharma?

Renee Claire Schneider
How could omicron enter the country if only double vaccinated people are allowed to enter ?????
Maybe the vaccinated spread it????

Caris Parsons Lenaghan
How can it protect against further strains if we don’t yet know what those are? This is just turning into a comedy show now

Shimi Dahari
Maybe Moderna or any other company needs to work first of all on a vaccine that actually works than they can work on any other alphabet letter they wish

Brett Ward
Future strains. They know the varieties and how good the vaccine will be before anyone has the symptoms.

Steven Koulouliad
The government no what’s coming because the government are the f virus get rid of the the government and mainstream media and the virus will disappear

Stephen Johnson
If you don’t keep taking all these vaccines your going to lose your vaccine passport. This is a new world order. It’s about control not about a virus

Daniel Hynds
I was forced to get it the first and second to keep food on the table roof over my kids head you can jam it up ya bum the 3rd time we have done what was required

Simon Stavrou
If new future variants can be covered by boosters then why wasn’t the last booster covering Omricon? Mass Civil disobedience is the only way to stop this madness

Michael Perroux
Vaccines causing the variants as per warned by Dr Malone the inventor of RNA vaccines. Only for the most vulnerable. Like antibiotic abuse , mass vaccination.

Carol Cheesus Foxcock Coutts
Obviously this Jab for FluVid hasn’t had the Death’sired effect they were after …
Wonder what heavy metals, fetal matter, parasites & other “Safe & Effective” gloop is in this one?
So will this “New & Improved” Jab for the Moronic Strain cancel out the current Convid Jab? … does this mean that unless you get 2 Jabs & a Booster of this New Untested, Unapproved, Experimental Syrup that you will be deemed Un-Vaxxed & have to start again?
Wonder what the Side Effects will be for this Jabcine? … Spontaneous Combustion?

Kasi Orton
Why do people need a jab for a mild cold infection? As always, follow the money… government’s around the world should be happy that the so called virus has mutated to become nothing more than a common cold, since when has a runny nose been considered to be a pandemic?

Paul White
Absolutely fantastic. Are you expecting this one to be as totally ineffective at spreading and getting this oh so dangerous lurgy as the other poison you have been making billions out of? One more question do you expect a similar adverse reaction and death rate as the last one? Let’s face it…that will take some beating.

Chantal Delaney
You can shove all boosters! Clearly gearing up for next years scare campaign.. give it a rest! If we all just turn off the news on all channels and not follow any news on Facebook, life is a lot simpler.

Petal Hitchcock
I wouldn’t touch moderna with a barge pole! People said the vaccines would never end – im starting to think its true! Id rather be exposed to the mild omicron thank you!

Connie Gourvelos
Does anyone question the volume of money that has been spent on buying 300 and something million doses already for a population of 25ish million people, now to “buy” more doses?? Firstly where is this money coming from already? Is our government overprinting cash? – so to speak!!

Diane Smethurst
It’s not required it’s a mild variant and it’s best to go through the population like the scientist have said. Why make a vaccine $$$$ we need it to taker over delta

Ankica Maltasic
Since they are so quick making vaccines, how about making a vaccine for cancer

Christine Scheckter
If they’re now so great at making vaccines for Covid. Why haven’t they found one for the common cold??

Margaret Padron
Come on MAD scientist…the jig is up…..most of the world sees through your sinister plot

Craig Smyth
A billion dollars says I’ll have the ready in March! Never mind lads with cardiac arrest dropping like flies all over the place!
Its definitely this new variant.. lol

Steve Ristas
Not only will it protect against omicron but future strains not yet discovered also!!!!

Marcus Camili
Are booster shots still a conspiracy theory, asking for a friend?

Kon Giar
It’s amazing they can predict future strains and make a vaccine for those. I wish I had a Chrystal ball I would love the lotto numbers.

Maria Baker
So Moderna was made for the Delta virus. Then why would the exact same vax work for different variants? I saw a podcast with several scientists and doctors – one of who worked for Pfizer – and he said the vax is already outdated for the D virus. So logically the vax is going to be outdated for subsequent variants is that not so?

Beth Heaton
Ok so no long term testing on this one also!! Same as all the others that have had no long term testing!!

Dana Pop
By then we will have the next strain and so on so on…it’s a never ending cicle.

Glen Stenner
Write about something else media outlets should be ashamed of themselves.

Rhonda Timson Moffatt
Did not have the first poison and definitely not going to have the second, Third, Fourth, Fifth etc.

Maree Hamming
Yes and Pfizer has beat them lol ad there miraculously will be ready in less than 100 days

Bradley Honeyman
Oh more money spent of course and let me guess after this variant there will be another ome

Genevieve Johnson
So every year a new virus and every year Big Pharma gets to glorify itself by producing a new vaccine and every government in the world will plug it into their population???????????????????????? Don’t think that’s going to happen somehow!

Helen McGovern
Seriously? sky this BS you are peddling is getting old..why don’t you report on the collapse of our economy instead and provide some hope and solutions..oh what’s that ? You can’t ? Why not????

Mark Sukaburg
Oh and other future strains
So they can see what viruses are coming now.
But not the damage they are already doing with the current ones

Mary Papandreou
These BIG PHARMA companies can shove their poison. I hope more Aussies and the World wakes up that they have been deceived and played for way to long.

Kylie Gibson
It’s easier to fool a person that it is to convince them they’ve been fooled!
How are we going to get the herd to wake and realise they’ve been manipulated?

Joel Tyson
What happened to the Australian one that actually stops this! Oh that’s right it’s no putting money in the Elite pockets

Cathy Thomas
Just read the great reset by Klaus Schwab he predicts these variants until 2023 and names them! he must have a crystal ball.

Rocky Willis
The current wax, does not even help prevent from getting convid!!!

Kevyn Withawhy
And undergone years of testing on this booster to ensure the dosage is safe against any and all side effects. No indemnity required again.

Jaala Jones
Most of the vaccinated people I know have done a u-turn since the fuss over Omicron. The majority of them will not be repeat customers.

Noods Marshall
Hilarious it’s now the new norm that vaccines only take a year to create and the majority just accept in on the basis that they hope life will go back to how it was pre covid. But will it?

Sean McMenamin
All the vaccine companies.. fake news channels… politicians.. police and anyone else that has gone along with this will all be going down soon. Cheers

Barbara Rolfe
More money in their pockets. they’d rather poison us then give up their greed.

Deborah Taylor Anderson
By the time they develop the vaccine there’ll be another variant and it will be useless how stupid do they think we are?

Gemma Paphen
Covid is Covid a vaccine should protect right!!!! How many variants of measles chicken pox malaria diphtheria polio tetanus is there? It’s not a vaccine if it mutates and provides big pharma more opportunity to fix the derail

Can’t wait for the vaccine for 4 political parties to never hold majority or balance of power again! That’s on the way 2022.

Eugene Opie
This is seriously beyond a joke now it’s just a mild flue ffs get rid of the poison and let’s carry on with life.
Absolute imbeciles.

Aaron Girvan
I have not and will not take any of these poisonous drug interventions! As God is my witness I will never partake in these things

Charlie Lang
But make sure you get both doses and a booster of the current vxxx that isn’t working. Because, you know, science.

James Mckenna Srn
That good all they have to do now is get another vaccine that will help with Covid and Delta lying scumbags

Anthony Boschini
I dont think the public are that stupid anymore. Looks like the omicron cases are all vaccinated. ( shocked) then when they are getting sick, we have another vaccine to help it. Wake up they are killing your immune systems in front of your eyes and people are getting Terribly ill from the vaxx.

Peter De Michele
How do they know if the actual vaccine doesn’t work against omicron this variant just came out what they already did the test and know it doesn’t work it’s bulshit people wake up this is all a scam to start revaxing you again and make more money and our government will go along with this. Unreal they really think we are stupid or maybe they know we are stupid.

Casey Canham
Booster rack off its not even a vaccine , vaccines don’t need boosters thats a medicine if it needs boosters.

Alexander Todd
Well isn’t that utter crap. If they could make a vaccine to protect from future strains, then why haven’t they done that with the first vaccine? Oh yeah, because they bloody can’t.

Justin Robinson
Sadly when evidence that shows these vaccines are actually bad the mockers are nowhere to be seen….

Jue Maunders
Keep on rolling up those sleeves……..a couple of booster per year and every year for life. Big pharma and corrupt governments are rubbing their hands together…..follow the money.

Paula Savage
Amazing considering there first vaccine was developed in 8 weeks, now it’s banned in multiple countries due to risks of heat injury.
Why do people think heart issues are fine but catching a mild virus is bad?!?!

John Brough
Any future strains? Are they future seers?, do they know which way OmiGodicron is going to mutate?
It’s only been imagned for a few weeks, and they are taking 4 months to imagine a vaccine for an imagined virus, well would you imagine that.
Covid is an imagined virus based on the coronaviruses, the common cold.

Keach Keach
Are you actually insane or just indoctrinated this is total BS, omicron came in after a PCR test on a double vaxxed person, so then PCR tests and the experimental vaccines are questionable at best. Virology 101 viruses mutate and become more infectious but less virulent so omicron (moronic) is most likely a good thing for actual real herd immunity but there’s no money in that or control. So keep up the fear propaganda but remember even Delta has a recovery rate of 99%

Avishek Chowdhury
Most people I know who are fully vaccinated, got Covid again. At this point govt need to investigate these companies for wasting our money on ineffective vaccines

Ang Hutley
Wow they’re really trying hard to kill everyone as fast as possible aren’t they?

Ming Lee
This has all been a badly written script about makeout things!!
A D grade movie with very bad actors and a false story line!

Melanie Jane
Ohhh dear,please people reconsider this if you can,there’s been so many unreported deaths,I really hope you’re awake now,SAY NO TO THE JAB.

Greg Waghorn
There is no deadly virus.
Because they create another name for one.its about making more money.
What happened to COVID 19…and DELTA…….?

Kim Vincent
How about NO ..
I , said NO to boosters and both COVID19 so will once again say NO to this one ..

Rosco P Coltrane
If you really think that it’ll help you, by all means line up for it, I mean look how good the other 3 jabs were at stopping alpha, delta and delta plus

Peter Reyem
Amazing! Considering omicron is on the who website since 2020,, youd think the vax was already made!

Johnny Baird
I thought vaccines were meant to work lol guess not biggest hoax on the planet

Karl Duffner
They can make a vaccine within 30 days of a new corona virus variant but none still for the common cold coronavirus for 50 years… Bet ya need two of them aswell

Mopar Wayne
Jabbz=money and power under a fake pandemic

Hans Ouwejan
“and other future strains.”
So, that will be the last one?
Think Again!”

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