Pfizer CEO, a Medical Monster Whose Products Are Killing Children, Says Anyone Who Utters “Disinformation” About C0VID Is a Criminal

Pfizer CEO, a Medical Monster Whose Products Are Killing Children, Says Anyone Who Utters “Disinformation” About C0VID Is a Criminal

Pfizer CEO, a Medical Monster Whose Products Are Killing Children, Says Anyone Who Utters “Disinformation” About C0VID Is a Criminal

By NaturalNews / Ethan Huff

If you are a medical professional with serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” – or really any element of the plandemic – then Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla wants you in jail.

In a recent interview, Bourla accused anyone in the medical profession who does not accept the plandemic narrative hook, line and sinker of being “criminals.” He further suggested that they should be locked up for allegedly killing people with their “misinformation.”

“There is a very small part of professionals which they circulate on purpose misinformation so that they will mislead those that they have concerned,” Bourla rattled with a heavy accent.

“Those people are criminals; they’re not bad people, they’re criminals, because they have literally costed millions of lives.”

Bourla’s interviewer, Atlantic Council CEO Frederick Kempe, agreed wholeheartedly. Towards the end of the interview, (watch below), Kempe said that doctors who question the Pfizer injections “should be treated as criminals as well, those who have done that.”

People who spread misinformation on Covid-19 vaccines are “criminals,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Tuesday.

It turns out that Bourla is actually working with the CIA and FBI to go after doctors and other medical professionals who question his company’s injections.

Bourla has a lot of money on the line, after all. Bad press threatens his stock options, so it must be silenced in the name of “public health.”

Albert Bourla’s millionaire lifestyle would not be possible without crimes against humanity

Bourla, by the way, is from Greece, which apparently has a different mindset concerning free speech. He apparently missed the memo that in the United States, Americans are protected under the First Amendment to speak freely about whatever they wish.

It is not “criminal” to warn people that Pfizer injections promote antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), for instance. It is also not “criminal” to point out that forcing people to take an endless line of “boosters” means a never-ending stream of revenue for Pfizer.

Bourla’s millionaire lifestyle depends upon forcing people to take pharmaceuticals that they do not want. Bourla’s entire existence, it appears, depends upon using the power of force to commit crimes against humanity.

“This is not constitutional nor is it legal,” wrote one Natural News commenter about Bourla’s statements and position regarding free speech. “This is medical apartheid.”

“What criminal Bourla calls disinformation is backed by honest data and honest science. Bourla is in desperate need of investigation for his corrupt Pfizer drug trials, and for his genocidal, transhuman experiments called covid mRNA gene therapies.”

Another pointed out that Bourla’s claim that the jabs are “safe and effective” is the definition of criminal. He and everyone else like him should be jailed or worse, this person wrote, for committing atrocities that have led to countless injuries and deaths all around the world.

“So, the FBI and CIA, which are “government” agencies, are working for the private pharmaceutical industry as their speech police,” opined another. “Really folks, it is time to lock and load.”

Over at Citizen Free Press several commenters noted that the true “misinformation” spreaders are the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other so-called “public health” entities that participated in planning all this tyranny in advance, hence why we call it a plandemic.

“Scumbag CEOs who would endanger children to make money should be taken out behind the barn and dealt with,” one of them wrote.

“I have to say I agree with him about the criminality of him and others who spread misinformation about covid-19 vaccines,” commented another about how Bourla’s statements apply to himself, not to the people he wants to silence and imprison.

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