Parents Avoiding Mandates by Not Sending Children to School in Greece Face 2 Years Jail

Parents Avoiding Mandates by Not Sending Children to School in Greece Face 2 Years Jail

Parents Avoiding Mandates by Not Sending Children to School in Greece Face 2 Years Jail

By Maria Zeee

Athens has cracked down on parents who do not send their children to school because of Spicy Flu measures.

Parents will face a two-year prison sentence and a fine in the latest move by the government in Greece which appears to target people who deny mandates such as getting the juice, mask-wearing or testing.

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So get your kids out of the system before it happens here..

Nuremberg 2.0 is going to be a great watch.

I have no words anymore to describe how I feel

This is not a decision made by the Greek government. Remember that Germany (EU) own and control Greece since GFC 2008. No mention in recent years of this massive debt to EU? This is an example of how it’s being paid off. If it was up to Greece alone, they would never mandate this vax! The majority of people in Greece especially the old people are against vax and don’t want it. Hence why they have mandated for over 60 year olds. The prime minister admitted he didn’t want to go down this road but felt ‘he had no choice’. Greeks are no fools, and now being controlled by ‘nazi Germany’!

There was a photo I saw last week of the Greek prime minister receiving an award of some sort from Klaus Schwann many many years ago… at least 20 I suspect. All planned!

Madness total madness so juice yr kids or go to jail fair options wow

Lord have mercy. I’m homeschooling my four now. My eldest was enrolled for kindy next year but I refuse to have them vaccinated. How long until homeschooling is illegal?

This is absolutely bonkers. Who on earth are these people dictating parents on how to raise their children. Don’t they have bigger issues, children in welfare? Seriously. It’s utter madness!

Again, I don’t advocate violence. But these measures will all but confirm that more lives will be lost by the actions of government than what covid could of ever done. We are in for a big fight.

At all costs, we protect the kids hope this wakes up even the pro jabbed. This is so wrong …

So who looks after the child/children if the parent goes to jail ?? That is just ridiculous

What the actual eff?? Greece was really good at burning the shit down when the banks stole their money, why aren’t they doing it now?

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